A Glimpse Behind the Spotlight

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I've been a fan of some personalities for a long time, and I've taken notice of their fame, position, fan base, and accomplishments. I've always admired how they keep their prominence despite the challenges and circumstances that stand in their way.

However, the issue remains as to how they were able to do this.

What lies before for them to gain enormous popularity?

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Greetings to everyone who are reading this! I hope you're doing well and giving it your all every day; don't skip meals and stay hydrated. Please take care of yourself. <33

One time, while studying in biology class, I was making my notes when I came across the name Rosalind Franklin. Thanks to X-ray diffraction, she was one of the people who helped discover the double helix DNA. But it wasn't until after her death that she was recognized as James Watson and Francis Crick.

Mona Lisa, a renowned artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was placed in a more secluded part of a wall until it was taken, attracting the attention of the media. People rushed to the Louvre Museum merely to view the empty wall where the painting formerly hung. When the painting came back, it was now prominent than even before Then it became renowned as a result of this, and even non-artists are familiar with Da Vinci's work.

I've been interested in K-Pop for a bit as I listen to there songs, but it wasn't particularly popular in my country until recently. People adore them, and some even despise them, not realizing what they've gone through simply to be in the spotlight. They practice for years, and some even give up their childhoods in order to achieve their goals. Is it really worth it? Yes, they are making their long-awaited debut. Other trainees were occasionally compelled to perform things only to meet the 'beauty standards' and get acceptance. Some were arranging survival shows, and those who were unfortunate had their careers in that company cut short before they ever began. So, to both the groups I didn't stan and the ones I did, I respect their hard work and effort in order to be the person they are now.

This is somewhat unrelated, however there are villains in films. I'd grown attached to some of the villains in the movies or television shows that I'd already seen. Some stories are so moving that I find myself rooting for the adversary rather than the protagonist. Without at least one enemy to liven things up, stories aren't nearly as exciting. We weren't born with the ability to be nice or terrible. We just shaped our personalities as a result of the environment we live in.

We may be swayed, and we are easily deceived.

Final Thoughts

One thing is certain: you'll never know a person's or an object's genuine worth until it's gone or has done something noteworthy.

We all began as nothing and worked our way up to being something.

Too many people act as though they know what happened to the people who fought for that particular spot. They only saw that individual at the pinnacle of his or her aspirations, but they never witnessed the path that led up to that point.

We loathe, admire, respect, and despise. It's our nature, our choice. After all, we're only people who experience emotions and live.

We're not in the position to judge someone until we know the sides of their story.

If we love someone for who they have become, we will gradually come to love them for how they got there.

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