Tikoy Turon with Langka Recipe

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Tikoy or Nian Gao is a made of rice flour and ussually serve in Chinese New Year.After the Chinese New Year this is what we can do with the our leftover Tikoy.


*1/4 of Whole Tikoy

*10 or more pieces Lumpia wrapper ( it depends to you how many do you want to served)

*73.5 grams Langka/Jackfruit

*5-8 tbsp Brown Sugar

*1 tbsp Sesame seeds (optional)

*Cooking Oil


1.Take a quarter of Tikoy and make rectangular slices.

2.Put a slice Tikoy on a Lumpia wrapper.

3.Put Langka(kackfruit)on top of the Tikoy and add 1 tbsp sugar.

4.Roll it up then seal with water.

5.Preheat a pan with oil.

6.Fry the Tikoy wraps and add some sugar on top of each to add more sweet flavor outside.

7.Let the caramelized sugar stick to each on the wraps in the pan.

8.Serve it in a serving plate and add some sesame seeds on top.


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Sarap nian. 😋

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3 years ago

Yammi this food. I love many food recipe. Lanka recipe one of them. My grandmother make it.

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3 years ago

This recipe is very good. This food are very testy and delicious. Your recipe make it easy.Thank you very much.

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3 years ago

Lanka food recipe is very interesting to eat. Thank you writer. I am waiting for your writing. Carry on.

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3 years ago

Yammi this food. This food is very delicious and healthy. Thanks a lot for sharing this information. I salute this writer.

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