Pork Menudo Recipe

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The Pork Menudo Recipe is a delectable dish.It is composed of pork stew combined with liver cubes,garbanzos or. chickpeas,potatoes,tomato sauce and many spices.

The good thing with Pork Menudo is you can skip some of the ingredients,if you dont like the taste of the liver you may not add it depending on your choice.You may also use Chicken meat instead of pork meat or you can mix them both depending of your taste.It takes time to prepare the ingredients because of the slicing and chopping but cooking this dish is very easy because all you have to do is put everything in.Though Pork Menudo sounds like a Spanish food it is absolutely a classic Filipino recipe.


* 1/2 kilo Pork shoulder boneless,cut into cubes

*2 small potatoes peeled add cut into cubes

* 1 can garbanzos beans chick peas

* 6 ripe tomatoes chopped

*1 small onion peeled and sliced

*4 gloves garlic peeled and sliced

* 2 small carrot peeled and sliced

*1/4 cup raisins

*1/2 cup pork liver cut into small cubes

*1 tablespoon annatto powder

*2 small green red bell pepper cored,seeded and sliced

*3 1/2 cup water

*1 tbsp Canola oil

*2 tbsp fish sauce

*salt and pepper to taste.


*Using a small bowl,disolved the annatto powder in 1/2 cup of water,then set aside.

*In a frying pan,pour Canola oil and apply heat.

*Adds onions and garlic,stirring occasionally,until cooked.

*Add pork and fry then add fish sauce to the Pork and cook for about 3 minutes.

*When the Pork is ligthly brown in color,add tomatoes and cook,mash it using the back of spoon,until softened.

*Add the Annatto water and remaining water and bring to boil.

*Lower the heat,then cover and cook for about 40 minutes or until pork is tender.

*Add the garbanzos,potatoes,and carrots,then mix well.

*Cover and continue to simmer for around 5 minutes or until potatoes and carrots are tender.

* Add the green bell peppers,raisins and liver then cook for another 4 minutes or until liver is cooked.

*Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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Yammi this food. This article is very interesting to see. I love many food. Pork is one of them. My sister love this.

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3 years ago

It sounds delicious!

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3 years ago

This food is very interesting to eat . I love this food. My favourite food it. My mother cooking this item . Thanks.

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3 years ago

this food is very delicious. I like to do it. I always help my mother to cooking food. my mother cooking it very taste.

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3 years ago