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The Very Best from 2020-05-11_SALE

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6 months ago

The CONTEST 2020-05-11_SALE has concluded.

It is time to showcase what the very best presentations in that contest can illustrate about how to present what you may wish to sell for BCH.

There were several objectives for this competition:

  1. BCH PriceTag.
    A clearly legible PriceTag that specifies BCH as the price to be paid.
    There are good reasons to have a local fiat price handy to translate for customers who do not speak Satoshi yet.

  2. Live Human presenter

    This was a requirement to get off the beaten path of "here is a thing for sale".
    Putting a human in the photo tells people there exists someone real to deal with and not jut some A.I. algorithm to 'chat' with.
    This puts faces on BCH that is goes beyond being just a logo or meme.
    [Due to current circumstances most of the participants only had children to "present" the objects displayed. Hopefully this situation will evolve in the near future.]

  3. No Stock photos
    This was a goal enforced by judgement, not give as an instruction.
    The intention was to find the best criteria to cause this to occur naturally.
    Cobbling this into "Yet another List of Silly Rules to ignore" would be banal.

And here are the very best:

  1. Visit to this in context

  2. Visit to see this in context

  3. Visit to see this in context

  4. Visit to see this in context

If you can add any suggestions about how to do these better the community may benefit from your comments.

Live Well and Prosper

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6 months ago
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really nice article showcasing all best photos that participated on contest

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6 months ago

Congrats guys who win the competition and greatly thanks to@sanctury.the-one-law you are doing awesome work to spread Bitcoin cash to all over the world

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6 months ago

"Yeah! This contest is a first-class strategy to really promote the existence and adoption of BCH to the whole world at large". Dealing with human beings rather than AI means a lot. "I only need to suggest that the contest should be held at least once a month- it means a lot for and BCH"

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6 months ago

How many people do you think would participate in a new contest ?

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6 months ago

A good number of people. The number will keep increasing as long as it is beneficial to them. You just need to do the home work well to reduce cost on your part. Thank you for the upvoting.

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6 months ago