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Contest Rules 2020-05-10

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6 months ago

The CONTEST 2020-05-10_SOL_QUOTE is now CLOSED

The CONTEST has ended. has ended.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Judging is in progress now.

If you would like to participate in another contest,
please visit



This contest seeks media presentation
which displays the text in this following QUOTE:


“Silence does not mean yes.

No can be thought and felt but never said.

It can be screamed silently on the inside.

It can be in the wordless stone of a clenched fist,

fingernails digging into palm.”

― Amy Reed, The Nowhere Girls



Criteria for accepted submissions is as follows:

1. Preregistration

A Preregistration reply to the contest pregistration announcement at:


Most of you have already done this.

2. Four Hours

Submissions will be considered as submitted

if they are timestamped within 4 hours

from the time-stamp on the MEMO-Protocol

CONTEST STARTS NOW announcement.

3. REPLY submissions to CONTEST STARTS NOW

Each submission must be a REPLY

to the CONTEST STARTS NOW announcement

on either MEMO.CASH at


4. Correct Participation Award

Each entrant who has preregistered will receive

131072sats tip

for their _FIRST_ correctly composed submission.

5. Multiple Submissions

Each entrant who has preregistered may submit multiple submissions.

Submissions perceived to be duplicates will be ignored.

Multiple submissions may be considered for discretionary tips.

6. Very Best Submission Award

This may be difficult to judge.

The Very Best submission will receive

a 262144sats tip.

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6 months ago
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cool i will join on this contest and do my best work on

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6 months ago

You are entirely welcome - there is still time.

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6 months ago

I edit my photo with different style. I studied the context too before posting so everything is correct.

Heres it:

lol, I took all your challenges as a job and must be done correctly with enough knowledge. forgive me lol

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6 months ago