Bringing Sanctuary How-To

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1 year ago

How-To, You - Bringing Sanctuary

This part is about what Sanctuarians do:

Bring Sanctuary to where others can find them.

... and how the value they bring to others can earn for them.

It is not about a "job", paid by some employer.

It is about a service
provided directly in public to people
who directly support it.

The "mini-kettle", or "Peace Pipe", is a visual focal point
where coin or cash donations can be made.
(They could have QRcodes for BCH donations printed on them.)

It serves as an anchor for the activity.

Token payments by people who want to keep the Sanctuary presence
is all that is necessary to strengthen the sanctuary.

If you read this far,
then you may be able to see a bigger picture.

This could be described as being about
displacing fiction in favor of truth.

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informative post

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1 year ago

The audio was a disaster.
It was almost impossible to filter the audio.
Going into that presentation
I had no idea how amazing it would become.

I have not yet uploaded the best parts of that presentation
because the audio processing is so difficult.

I am opting to repeat this globally,
using a better presentation technique.

It is now a working formula for people to earn money,
on their own. All they need to add is QRcodes to reap BCH.

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1 year ago

Terrible sound on that video

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1 year ago