Boys and Girls of my town

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Before we are children and adolescents, we are members of a family with responsibilities and commitments.

In a town far from all kinds of technology, where the telephone signal has not yet reached and some media are present in few homes, a town that lives almost uninformed, they live far from any national and international reality, the information is The last to arrive live as in a bubble that allows them to interact much more with each other, most of the inhabitants who live in the town cultivate and fish for their livelihood, their children study in the town's little school, they rarely go out to visit other towns in search of medicine, food and other belongings, a town that is invaded by malaria, dengue and intestinal parasite attacks and that the inhabitants have been able to counteract for many years, fighting them with home remedies and various medicinal plants.

Undoubtedly a poor town, where you can see children and adults with severe signs of malnutrition, where life is not easy and you have to work every day to meet food needs, conditions are not always the best, children and adolescents turn out to be without a doubt the most unfortunate in this case. However, their faces always reflect that characteristic sweetness typical of children, that childlike air that allows them to be free and enjoy nature, many children frequently attend school, managing to lower illiteracy rates, which is important in a population where more than 60% of the inhabitants are illiterate, many parents and representatives of these children never went to school.

Before the children begin to walk and hear their first words from their mouths, their parents are in charge of teaching them their daily work activities, as they become children already trained, they carry out tasks of loading water in the rivers and springs of the town, where They travel approximately 800 meters back and forth to reach their homes, they help their parents to gather vegetables, fish and hunt wild animals, the girls help their mothers in the kitchen, clean the home and wash their father's clothes and Older brothers. They are family responsibilities, from a very young age children are told their responsibilities at home.

Adolescents long before reaching adulthood begin to interact with adult men older than them, their lives are often wrapped up by their family situation, they prefer a husband who provides a home made of clay and some branches, to become independent from their family and start their personal life, this is not so good, many men just want a woman to keep their home for them, so for them it turns out to be a life of monotony and after having children at an early age they give note that starting and maintaining a family is more complicated than it seems.

The boys and girls and of my town are fragile children, they do not play with wooden carts or balls made of rubber, they have prematurely become adults. With scribble and machete in hand the children go to the plantations and conucos, there are no complaints or fears, for them being part of the family's support and having adult responsibilities is what they have played for so many years. The children of my town have no malice or bad intentions, because despite having so little they are happy because they live humbly and despite the fact that many do not go to school they learned the greatest lesson in the world, and that is to be honest.

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