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Astonishing Golden sea of Canola

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China has many tourist attractions, which has made it a popular tourist destination from all over the world. In addition to the ancient and historical monuments of this country, natural areas also have a special place, which is one of these spectacular and amazing areas of yellow canola lands, which are known as the Yellow Ocean.

Every spring, the fields here turn into the vibrant golden sea of canola , also known as rapeseed. Large areas are covered with these precious canola flowers, from which cooking oil is prepared. Canola is native to Asia and for the first time Europeans discovered its properties. This flower was taken to Poland about 700 years ago to produce lamp oil. Then the oil of this plant was used as a lubricating oil between metals.

But for the first time, this oil was used as a food item in Canada. Canola was introduced to Canada in 1945 and then edible oil was produced about ten years later. Canadian farmers then began cultivating the plant. Today, the cultivation and cultivation of this plant is flourishing after wheat as a major and profitable crop.

This edible oil was first produced in Canada and today all over the world, its seeds are grown and consumed as an excellent edible oil. Farms planted with this plant create a wide landscape with a bright yellow color, which is an example of these large farms in China.

Luoping is located in the east of Kojing Province, just 240 km (150 miles) east of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. Unlike the roughness of other areas in Yunnan, the luoping ground is relatively flat, so it has been a traditional agricultural city for generations, cultivating canola flowers. Every year, when canola flowers bloom, luoping turns into an ocean of golden flowers, attracting photography enthusiasts from all over the world.

In addition, these yellow fields are also the favorite of bees that collect their nectar to produce abundant honey and rich in unique properties. As a result, this region is important not only for farmers but also for beekeepers, and by interacting with each other, they help each other to grow and develop economically and earn money, because bees also fertilize these fields by collecting pollen, and the same As you know, bees play the most important role in pollination compared to other elements and organisms, and the products of gardens and farms are increased up to 60% with the help of these beneficial organisms.

The golden canola fields are so wide that you can look at them from any angle, but the same breadth and width may prevent you from seeing all parts of it at the same time, so the best angle to watch this beautiful phenomenon from heights and heights like The rooster hill is golden and one hundred thousand hills. From this angle, you can see the view of rapeseed fields in different forms.

The best time to visit Luoping is usually mid-February to March, the flowering season of canola flowers, when you can enjoy the golden sea. There is no set date for the full flowering season as it depends on temperature / rainfall and sunlight. In some years, the flowers bloom in early February and there is not much to enjoy in March. Early March and early April is a time of major ethnic festivals in Luoping and is a good time to experience minority culture and participate in traditional celebrations.

Luoping is synonymous with China's golden canola fields. The Luoping International Canola Flower Culture Festival runs from late February to early April. During these months, not only can you admire the yellow flowers, but you can also watch or participate in various activities such as art shows, painting exhibitions or even a marathon in the flower ocean.


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Written by   108
5 months ago
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Really looks like a beautiful place. I have visited Yunnan before and also Li-jaing when I went up the Jade dragon snowy mountain.

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5 months ago