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Sharing ReadCash In My Youtube Channel

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1 year ago

Youtube is a very influential social media platform because you can a lot of knowledge. there are some users who share some good information and tips about health and have lots of users.

I've been planning to make a video tutorial about readcash and share them on my youtube channel simply because I want to help other people who have an interest in writing at the same time it can bring more users of bitcoin cash.

We know that are a lot of people who haven't any clue about cryptocurrency yes maybe they heard about bitcoin but that it. they aren't even curious about how to earn them or how to use them and their potential.

My Aim

My aim is to share readcash to people who are looking for an extra income in this pandemic that might still be struggling to find work online the same give them a curiosity about Bitcoincash in how to use them or earn them? how to make it cash or fiat money? and let them know that there are ways to earn online just by writing good articles. It may not give them a lot but it may help them a little. Sharing readcash and Bitcoincash is the best I can do for them. either they grab the chance to earn a little or ignore it. It's up to them.

It's a good thing to spread something helpful to others. The more users we bring in a platform to earn bitcoin cash the more users and transactions per day these people will think that Bitcoincash is better than any cryptocurrency. We know that #BCH is much better than #BTC when it comes to transaction and fees.

My video tutorial about readcash is an amateur work made by an amateur video editor that's me. I did my best to make it though the results aren't that good. Just please don't give a harsh comment on that just keep them to yourself hehe.

As of now, there are people who have an interest in them, and watch it as I check my referral there are some people who sign up. I don't know if they start using this platform too hopefully they do.

when I finish making that video tutorial and upload them to my youtube channel I found out that I should make an 8 min. video tutorial in less than 8 min. I cut a lot of things in that video just to make it shorter because we know most viewers arent watching a longer video tutorial. I was wrong about cutting some good features.

Still, I will continue to upload more about cryptocurrency to spread awareness of it charoot lang. Hopefully, those who sign up under my link will continue their accounts and start earning.

kindly if watch it leave a comment and hit the like button. considered subscribing also I will truly grateful to you. Thank you.

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Written by   231
1 year ago
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