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Monetary Changes My Own View

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3 months ago

The monetary now is changing from cash to online payments. we are now in the advance of payments system that changing for a better monetary future. genius people are making ways for us to be free from debt since we were born.

We pay tax, vat and etc. we have this debt to pay to live plus corruptor governments we didn't even know why we need to pay those tax and vat but one thing is clear our country needs that to survive.

As we go far, as we age things are changing like history were your past is just part of your history. those people from the past say " mail won't last" but what happen we don't need a postman now to deliver our mail from others neighborhood or country. those in the past say a lot but they were wrong.

I bet you believe in Notra Damo's prediction. well, I was because in some way they happened but the fact that our Creator let it happened. and one thing is clear we cant ship goods via teleportation yet. our future can give so much and it's too sad we may not around when that happened.

And now the game of payments change governments are crawling to stop this new currency that been form online and could save us from so much corruption.

  • Remittance no more

  • send money everywhere

  • fast transaction

  • secure payments

Now we can trade and make our hard earn money earn for us. we don't need to be a pro in this field but you need to follow the rules to avoid being burnt.

You need to be tough and ready to seek risk in this field. this new game is not for cry babies anyway we live at risk therefore this isn't new. You gain or lose that it. cryptocurrency gives us new hope in life however not every one of us can embracing this change well, as of now.

I don't what is the first online payment wallet. I think Paypal was the first as it known in all most all countries. in the past, we trade and pay through exchanging things not long after gold and silver came and be the way of payments.

Change is only certain and I believe cryptocurrency will take off for banks they need to close as no one may be put their money in the bank. Now, most of the crypto exchanges are having this staking and lending features where you can grow your money by interest. if you being wise you would rather put your hard earn money in the wallet that can gain you more 2x or 3x that banks offer.

The current situation of the world put lots of investor and business at risk. now that part of the business, not every day is Christmas there will always be a time of downtime investors know that and it wasn't sudden they got some months to prepared for it.

But some businesses didn't stand the hardship. foods business didn't stand longers than 8 months based on what I watched on tv. some big companies that been so long in business have close some merchants because of the current situation of the world. while on the other hand those businesses online are booming.

Online payments are been used 3x or even more that it usual before and now most people are discovering this new monetary system. though cryptocurrency is good there are still pros and cons in everything.

  • Good - we got this fast transaction less corruption.

  • Bad - shit coins are rising, scammers and fake accounts users are everywhere to take advantage in some situations where they can gain more money.

Now life is always at risk trying new things that may change your life is in your hands. Just when investing always does your own research and buy what you can only afford to lose don't put all your eggs in one basket.


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Written by   207
3 months ago
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Great article

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2 months ago

Ponnu Best earning site

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3 months ago

good pov and agree with all you stated dear 😊

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3 months ago

Thank you sis 😘

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3 months ago

It all depends on where you live. If you do not understand why you pay tax better figure it out fast.

Online money will oy increase debts because people will never see, feel, the value of it. Children already think a plastic card is good to pay everything with.

You wrote:

Remittance no more (not true we still transfer and pay for it, a wallet is not free, you are registered)

send money everywhere (so does my bank account and Western Union and do more)

fast transaction (so does my bank account, same minute or same day. Cryptocurrencies are not faster)

secure payments (so is my bank account plus guarantee I get my money back if my money is stolen, debit card stolen/used, etc. Online is lost if you are in charge and can't proof you had it in the first place).

I had very bad experiences with PayPal. They claimed customer protection but do nothing if a seller sends you nothing, a broken item on purpose. They have dirty tricks like keeping your complain pending till the moment the seller goes out free.

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3 months ago