The one who built the Titanic, him To question How safe was the ship? In reply he jokingly said- "Even God can drown it No ". ※ Everyone knows the next history. .

Brazil's presidential candidate

Tencredo Neves election campaign Time Said- "Five lakh votes are guaranteed for my party. Even God made me president From the post Can't move ". ※ Neves won with votes That's right. But suddenly fell ill and Just one day before becoming president Die. .

Brazilian poet-singer Egnore

Miranda Kazuza once during the show In the air with a long pull on the cigarette He left the smoke and said arrogantly- "God, it's for you." ※ Kazuja lungs at the age of thirty-two In cancer He was attacked and died in a horrible condition. . Pride obeys the Creator; Not creation Great Creator Dislikes the arrogant.


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Yes sister you are right God is the Creature of everything

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