• Man learns to neglect only when he realizes that someone gives him extra importance, because bad intellect is more important than good intellect for which he gives more importance to neglect at one time. So, people don't have to give too much importance.

  • People move away only when they get that level of extra love .... Nothing extra is good.

  • People value themselves only when someone is constantly worthless to them. Then the worthless one throws away without paying the price.

  • People become deceivers only when they know that someone is too weak for them.

  • People become polymorphic only when they know that they will find someone they need.

  • People stop talking and start misbehaving when they realize that their words are very valuable to someone, someone is very eager to talk to them.

  • People get the courage to cry only when they realize that they like someone's level too much, they know that they like someone, so they can mud someone if they want.

  • People break faith only when they know that someone believes in them too much, that is someone's faith.

  • People block someone only when they know they are the first person on someone's chat list.

  • Man becomes after only when he realizes that someone is more than his own.

  • Humans are big weird creatures, there's nothing humans can't do,

  • People don't have to pay extra, people don't want to understand the value of anything just by giving extra.

  • Never give people too much, set limits, if you give unlimited people will start neglecting.

  • Give as much as you give, as much as you give, you have the rest. Excessive talk is bad for people. #collected

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@robiul11 posted 3 years ago