How Do You See People React When They Hear About Crypto and Blockchain?

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5 months ago

Once I saw my classmate signing in and doing something on a site named Facebook. I did not know what Facebook was back then. It does not take long to see Facebook everywhere. Even if you go to a remote area where the internet is not available, a little kid who lives there knows about Facebook.

You are into crypto and blockchain. You think people are aware of what's going on and how things change with the power of blockchain. You go outside and say the word blockchain, but they have no idea what you just said.

You feel like an alien or something. Now more people get to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is surprising how quickly things change. People see what blockchain can offer to make their life better. They do not want to get stuck in outdated systems.

Cryptocurrency is bad, that's criminal money. Bad guys do illegal things with that. Media creates negative vibes around crypto. When your neighbors know you are doing something in crypto, they might think you are doing something bad and risky.

What we hear, we are highly influenced by that. But when your neighbors see that you are not doing something bad or illegal, they get to know the truth. So how the media paints crypto in their mind is not right.

Ask yourself how much you know about cryptocurrency five or seven years ago and how much you know now. You will find a big difference between the way you think about crypto back then and now.

You grew up playing video games and computer games. Your kids will play crypto games. It is fun and exciting to move forward and increase your level in games. Now your kids can have fun and earn at the same time that did not exist when you were a kid.

You rely on financial institutions to do different things in your professional life. Now you find it more efficient and effective to use DeFi and get things done. People will use something that is more convenient and efficient.

Blockchain will hit every industry eventually. In spite of the challenges and restrictions imposed by the central authority, we are going to see a big change. Then there will be nothing to do for them except accept it and adapt to the situation.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you for reading this post. That's it for now. I'll be back with another post.

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5 months ago


Most of people aren't involved in crypto earning and see that offline job is more profitable than online one to earn money.

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5 months ago

Yes, that's how most people see that. They think the offline job is more reliable than working online and making money.

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5 months ago