BitKeep Plans To Compensate All Victims Due To Exploits and Hacks

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BitKeep, a multi-chain crypto wallet, will compensate all users who recently lost their crypto assets. Once your crypto wallet is exploited and hacked, your crypto is gone forever. You cannot expect to get them back. If you are compensated by any entity, that's great. But you cannot expect this.

Some users downloaded a hacked APK version. Hackers managed to convince users to download the wallet APK. That's a common tactic. If you download any software from an unknown source, there is a high chance, you download something else with that. That could be malware or compromised software that will be used later to launch hacking attempts.

Users lost almost $8 million worth of crypto assets including BNB, ETH, USDT, and DAI. BitKeep will compensate its users in USDT. There will be a compensation portal that will go live in the first week of February 2023. Users who become victims of BitKeep wallet hacks need to give information like wallet addresses, stolen amounts, and token details to verify their claims.

BitKeep will check out the information for verification and send 50% of the compensation at the end of February and the remaining 50% will be paid at the end of March 2023. This is definitely a good initiative to help and support victims.

If you keep your private key safe and secure, your crypto is safe. But in this case, users were shocked to see that hackers transferred their cryptocurrencies from their BitKeep wallets. So how is this possible? The wallets they installed, hackers already changed that and inserted malicious code.

BitKeep advised everyone to download wallets from the official source in Google Play or the Apple App Store. Sometimes hackers trick people and lead them to an unknown website that looks like the original official website. People download software from that site and fall into the hackers' trap.

It is a terrible experience if you lose your crypto assets. People work hard for a long time and accumulate cryptos. If your wallet or even computer is compromised, hackers can make your crypto assets disappear forever. You may have heard of an NFT influencer who lost a life-changing amount of net worth in 24 hours.

Just one click on sponsored ads to download an open-source video streaming software OBS was a mistake. That was not an official website. Everything was normal until he saw phishing links on his Twitter accounts. It was too late because hackers already stole his crypto assets and NFTs.

If you are in crypto, there is no alternative to being careful since hackers and scammers come up with different tactics to hack and steal cryptocurrency. I wish no one would go through the terrible experience of losing their cryptocurrency and money.

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