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2 years ago

I have read many short post complaining on freezing points or earnings. But others were delighted of increased points/earnings.

With me I wonder where I belong. My points is not high but understandable because I have not done much in this platform. Yesterday and today I have not publish an article for my mind stuck. With regards to my earnings it is not fix. It increases and decreases in every minute.

As I have observe the earnings goes with the value of bitcoin cash. If the value decreases and so with our earnings in dollars. I thought when that earnings posted in our wall it is as ease, only be affected of any inflation when being redeem and tranferred to our wallet.

I am not that well verse in this method of cryto currency, the terms used, how it run, so many questions in my mind, so confusing.

You know I am born in the old days to capture the new trend is slow in motion. But I am trying to learn and adapt of what is today.

Good morning.

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yep our earnings converted to $ is fluctuating with bch's convertion accordingly..I also experienced frozen points even if I've published 2 articles consecutively in a day and engaging actively in commenting and liking.

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2 years ago

Thanks for commenting. I was enlightened by your comments. I thought it is only me who experience the high and low, so my observation is correct. With regards to articles I try my best to post with quality that captivates readers but I think I was not good enough. I'm still on the process of learning.

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2 years ago