What does reconciliation means to you?

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Does it sound right to you when you heard of reconciliation?

What must we do to better reconcile?

Can friends reconcile and still make a better relationship?

When and where can we better reconcile?

Reconciliation is so powerful up to the point that it can mends a broken heart, and put things right for a better relationship, when you know you have done wrong to someone it is better that you put on your clothes and shoes and Knock for reconciliation, getting down and pleading for forgiveness is not too bad but it shows a good sign of self esteem to oneself.


Does it sound right to you when you heard of reconciliation ?

To reconcile and make peace is never a bad thing for one to do, when we reconcile we only do the right thing that we needed to do and to put things right in a better way that it should be, knowing you are wrong to anyone and refusing to make peace with that person is not good at all, we should try as much as possible to look the right way and set things right for ourselves.

What must we do to better reconcile ?

By this words reconciliation we means, amending mistakes and renewing of friendship and bonds which was better before but became bad due to disagreement, they are relationship which we go into and on a long run, it would brings a lot more of growth to ourselves, we also know that Humans are full of difference beliefs and aspirations then when we allowed this different beliefs of ours to control us instead of us being the one to controll them, that is where we began to have problem and do not see the right way.


Can friends reconcile and still make a better relationship ?

No one is above mistakes, so at times we make mistakes to better understands ourselves and put things right the way it should be for the betterment of both parties, when one make mistakes and reconcile with themselves then begin anew it is noted that, during those period they stayed on dispute both parties have learnt their lessons and if you asked them by that time, they would tell how tired and worrisome it was for them.

So once they swallow their pride and reconcile, they can still make good Friends and their relationship can still be good as it were before, but In some aspects, it can even get better than before.

My lessons on the thought of reconciliation and what i have been able to carved out ?

I have learnt that, seeing people at their first glance can not really shows who they are and what they can do at a point in time, but when you relate with them as times goes on, their real nature would come up and you would know the real person in them.

When and where can we better reconcile ?

One need to accept defeat when he sees that carrying his pride is not taking him to anywhere, the reasons most people do not accept to reconcile is because, they wouldn't want to be the first person to pick up a phone and make a call to that person which they are not in good terms with, but to me, does It really matter? If i noticed i have done wrong to you in anyway, i wouldn't delay to give you a call and apologize.
At times it doesn't even matter you are the one at fault, but it shows great courage to you that you are the one who sees everything as a mistake and want to make amends and put everything behind.

In my own view, i see apology as a sum total of honesty and regret of oneself, that means that the demerit is greater than the merit, then you do not want that to happen and tends to put the relationship on a higher side, reconciliation is never a bad thought and it would never be, making amends to disagreement that occur is awesome.

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