The lost in the dark

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He said, he could not see clearly, the dark is too much, would my eyes explode! am i blind already? Life couldn't be like this with me, what am i doing wrong to deserve this punishments, why am i keep in the dark for something i have no knowledge about and which i did not committed. I am praying that they caught the culprit and i would be set free. Because i can't wait to get back my freedom.


They said life in sail is a living hell, is true and the people who said it, were right about what they said, maybe, it was from their experience, this few days has really taught me a lot about life in sail, although this is not really sail, here look just like it and i wish this kind of a thing didn't happen to me because i have done nothing wrong to deserve this punishments, or is it wrong again for someone to have a glass of drinks in a tarven trying to erect his busy day?
Oh! Shit! It wasn't bad at all, they broke in and set the tarven on fire, beat the tarven managers and put the rest of us in a van and drove away, what more could i say, we were told to keep our mouths shut else we will get the shock of our life, we obey what they said but i regrets going there and i wish i was in my home and not going anywhere as at that moment, they make me see having a drink outside the house as being a dangerous thing, i should never do, but what more could we do, We are human's at times we need to seat outside and closed to people and have a chit chat and from there have a more enjoyable drink and enjoying the moment of your Life.

They acted as Government official but what i did not know was that, we were being taking hostage for something we did not know, but such is life. Things happens and people learn from their past, shape theirself and never to put theirself in danger again.

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