The first thing is acceptance the second thing is obedience

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2 years ago

This was the issues with Daniel, after being elected as the leader of the association, he was doing as he likes, talks as he like and keep on jeorpadizing the interest of the association, without taking cognisant control of the reasons why he was chosen to be a leader of the group.


His attitude was what make me to give credit to the ascertain which says that , leaders are unborn but i refuse to believe this statement in days back because i see unborn statement when referring to leadership as bias, i do not believe in such thing, what i believe is that, so you make your bed, so will you lie on it , that is to say that, " everything entails planning, and it is all in the head, when you dream, work towards it, so shall it be, it would be achievable, that was my belief and the belief i live with for a longer time, but the attitude of Daniel has gear me in the way of changing my view of mine.

I see that lineage shouldn't be a thing that categorized us when it comes to leadership, or am i wrong about this belief?, could it be that my ascertain and belief was wrong?

Are they a particular people only meant for leading?

Or would Daniel learn of leading characters if been told?

All this thoughts was on me for a longer period of time but the more i think about it, the lesser i see.

The first thing is acceptance and the second thing is obedience: is really the issues in the society of today, getting our minds from that of Daniel, i think this has also emerged in others shpheres of life, let not used my association alone as the subject matter, let consider politics in general, when an aspirant is aiming for a political seat, he would be humble, loyal and obedience at all cost, but once given that position most of them would tends to be doing his or her own things then leaving the interests of the people and not minding what comes out of them.


Leaving the general public to suffer and be dying of hunger while using the public funds to their own advantage.

The leaders of our days also play this attitude, come to think of it, the ascertain of leaders being inborn are true because an inborn leader would care for his people's, his people's complaint would be his own complaint, he would never in anyway do without drawing out a plan that would favour the general public.

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2 years ago