Is your community safe?

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speaking of safety, i think this is one thing we must always have on the back of our minds, since safety comes first in every field of humans endeavor, be it in the workplace, offices, houses, Community and the world at large.

The following can affect the peace and safety of a community and they includes:

  1. climate change

  2. Hazardous substance

  3. conflicts

climate change The chnage in climate at some point can greatly affected the well-being of man and People's living in that same geographical area, climate change can be as a result of defforestation, high usage of electricity appliances on twenty four hours, etc.

each Community should endeavor to take cognisance care of this for the safety of their Community, and to safeguard of the people living in it.


Hazardous substance: wrongly usages if hazardous substance and materials can as well be harmful to a given Community, Community shoud always have it in minds that chemicals substance after using should be properly place and put to it place, for the safety of the members in the community and not to become something that would causes harm to the people after being used and derived the purpose it was meant for, hazardous substance or materials can be so toxic.

Because i remember when My younger brother tried to put a pesticide in his mouth, because he thought It was a juice drink, if not for the help of a visitor that came to our compound that day, he saw him trying to drink the pesticide and he rush to him and took it a way from him, caution him not to be drinking something he sees without asking if it is safe for him to drink or consumption, now, whose fault was it? are we to blame the child? No, but the adult is to be blamed, because after using of the pesticide they should have place it properly, maybe by taking it to the waste bin or throwing it far away from children's reach.
That is why it is written in some products "keep it out of children's reach".


Conflicts: I would say that conflicts is the number one retardation of Community's safety and the reasons why the world at times is not at peace, Come to think of it, humans being are full of conflicts, and at times they disagree to agree and at some point nothing at such, they would only argue and argue and argue.

when they disagree to agree that is functional conflicts, because it will points out the truth at the end, then that resolution is making it to be functional conflicts. but when we disagree and refuses to agree but keep on disagreeing, I think in that case, the conflicts is dysfunctional and dysfunctional conflicts is very bad which is why Community's, States and nation's at times have issues with one another.


but i am glad they is what we called, Conflicts Resolution mechanism" these are agency's that help in solving conflicts concerning Community's, State and nation's, they do not allow conflicts to last long between two parties, they must endeavor to step in and have everything settled, then give a fair judgment on the both parties.

To me, i see that Conflicts are not productive of any kind and should be avoided for the safety of each Community.

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