If it is not scary and big It is not a dream ?

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Have you ever climbed up high when you look down you pity yourself?

Is dream something that we should be scared at time?

How do we know that the dream is worth chasing?

What is dream and how can we achieved them?

I remembered my father telling me that if it is not scary and big then it is not a dream, when i was eight years old, i use to think that when people said dreams they are referring to series of images that we see in our sleep, never did i know that, they word "dreams" has different meaning depending on where it is been place and how it is been used.

When i gained admission into Secondary school (high school) my classmates once ascertain on this concept of dreams, that is their different dreams, what they would like to become in life when they grows up, but i didn't know what they mean by dreams, i guess they were more smarter than me, i was a dull brain. Los..., because all of them speak of their different dreams, do you know what i said is mine?


I told them i didn't had any dream last night, they all laugh at me, i was so embarrassed, it was only one of them who understands me and console me, he took me out from that spot to another position because he noticed i was ashamed so he choose we go to canteen, he bought me yogurt, you remember those kind of yogurt in sachet?, i was so happy to have found someone so amazing and good to me like him, at least all my classmates were not the Same, because despite the level of my ignorance he could still sees the good in me and he encourage me not to be sad.

Have you ever climbed up high when you look down you pity yourself ?

While being in the canteen and taken the refreshement (yogurt) he enlighten me that if i have ever climbed a tall tree before? i said yes, and he now let me know that dreams are like tall trees, they are always scary, that is the kind of dreams they were talking about, but i was still confused, because to me, his words were big grammar to my ear, bigger than my imagination, when he noticed the look on my face was still somehow, he now clear the air, he told me that what they mean was what i would like to become In future.
I smiled and i told him what i admired most is singing, i would love to become an artiste when i grows up, he shake me, touched my head and Said, remember me, your boy, when you achieve your dream.
To me, Micah, was my first teacher in Secondary school and not just a teacher but a teacher who teaches to my understanding.


Is dream something that we should be scared at time ?

While the agenda was dreams, i was scared because to me some dreams are scary, i remember when i had a terrible dream about someone mistakenly taking my flashdrive away, i really felt bad in that dream and i was uneasy also, i was not myself until when he returned it to me.

When you make your dreams somewhat small, that means it is not a dream, dreams should be something bigger and bigger such that scares you at times, and tends to make you think it more and more if you would be able to achieve it, they were times i set my mind on music, like to become an artiste was what i chased and admired so much when i see that no one was with me anymore, motivating me to go on, i stop it and relent effort, but never did i know that, for people to motivate me, i must first of all keep on motivating myself.


How do we know that a particular dreams is worth chasing ?

Dreams is worth chasing when it it such that when you look at yourself you took pity at yourself, if this is what you really go after, it must be big, bigger than what others has ever acquired in life, it must make you to be afraid when you try to remember what you are even after, dreams just as it got one scares in sleep must be such that make you scared when you think of it or chase after it.
I remember my nice telling his siblings that she will emerge the first African women to have a car built from scratch, but her siblings were only laughing at her, while i noticed It and i go close to her and tell her that i like her dreams and that she should count on me When she grows up, that i would help her sees her dreams come through, she was happy, i know that encouragement was what she needed and i relate it to her and make her feel special.

What is dream and how can we achieved them ?

To me, Dreams are thoughtful thoughts which are built inside our heart, dreams are us, it is the sum totality of ourselves, it is what we were design for, as our purpose on earth.


How can we achieved our dreams and make it attainable ?

We can achieve our dreams through hardworking, commitment and preserverance, nothing comes easy, so for one to get to where he ever desires, a lot must be done, only words of the mouth can not give you what you want, rather as you are saying it out, you have to put it into practice also, work it out and you would achieved your dreams.
Just as they said, actions speak more louder than words.

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