Education is the key to the builders hone

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Is education becoming our tradition?

what are the benefits of education to our society?

what are the difference between education and enlighten?

I see this as something worth discussing about, because education is becoming like a doctrine which seems like a must for everyone in the world, that every child need to undergo without knowing the actual meaning while they are educating, every parents take it as a must to send their child to school, some do not even give it a second thought if the kind of school they send their child to is what would benefit the child in the future, it is becoming a compulsory affair, whereby everyone has to involved their children in.


is education becoming our tradition ?

No, i have never been told that education is our tradition, i was only been told that one need to go to school inorder for the person to be enlighten and know how to behave in the society, i see education as something that is costly, because parents have to pay their Children's tuition fees inorder for them to be allowed in school and for them to be tutor or teach.

I have see people who make sure they put everything apart just to give their child quality education, and this is not bad at all, it is only not all that good in Country's like mine, "Nigeria" where you have to pass through the stress of reading and being taught then at the end, no job opportunity is made available for you, instead you are being told to start a business of your own, how can one start a business without a capital?, now making all the ideas inside of you to be rotting and becoming a problem to you.


what are the benefits of education to our society ?

Being educated has many benefits over some certain things, for one to be educated, it means some level of ignorance has been flushed out, and the one who is educating is now aware of how he should behave in the midst of people, especially when presenting himself, and to mention education has many roles she undergo in our life's.
To read and write is one of the role of education in us, to think and reason like a normal being and to understand things things easily.

what are the difference between education and enlighten ?

Being educated and being enlighten are somehow the same thing, but one can be educated and not enlighten about the things around him, because being enlighten is all about knowing what is expected of you before going into that field of study, while educating is a process of being informed of those things.

I could remember that some of my friends where into business even while they were in school, back then i did not understand what they went through and why they do that, it was just like a television to me, that i have to watch, it is now i know, that those people who were studying and also doing business were been enlighten about life and what is expected of them, that was why they do what they had to do and save their self unnecessary stress after graduation.


How do they know about this principles of combining studying and doing others things ?

Some may be because their brothers or sisters has enlighten them about how difficult it is to find work in the country, now they are aware and they work towards being self made even after their graduation, we that didn't know, were only focusing one side and now we have to face the unknown result since we were not informed earlier.

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