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We are Afraid of What Time Can Do

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6 months ago

The universe is only the constant thing. The universe is the change. It is the vastness of complexity. The infinite. The growth. The current of every river. The way of wind. It does not look back. It does not turn sideways. It goes on and on and on.

Thrilled with our adrenaline that rushes like blood flow together with all what if's: we question and think beyond. And it is exhilarating to think that curiosity and knowledge comes with horror. If we further wonder, don't we feel the same way of getting afraid? Of the thought that we are running out of time? The invisible pressure that we are running slowly and still could not keep pace with it?

The horror to grow but as well scared to be stuck in a moment of not growing—of just being frozen.

If we ask ourselves what makes us truly alive, what can we answer?

  • We are happy to have friends and companions that keep us sane. We treasure them because they are the ones who know the same rhythm our heart has.

  • We are beyond grateful to have a family that knows us more than anyone—to have a safe place, to have a home. To have them as our temporary-permanent sun that shed us light and warmth even in our darkest hours.

  • We strive for success and careers because somehow they are our trophy of all hardships. These are our good basis that define us that we are doing good and enough.

  • We make living through doing what we love. To love and to live—to love the things and the people around you and this world goodly grace; to live a two-sided life with its lightest and darkest phase, the challenge is all around, a game to make our hearts strong and mind wise.

If we ask ourselves what makes us truly alive and we have now our answers, can we recognize what are their exact similarities?

And if we unfold them one by one, decipher them—aren't they all temporary?

Moments in our lives that we love always consumes time the fastest paradoxically to those moments of grief and distress.

We unknowingly leap through time and what scary is all things in this world have been all temporary (even tectonic plates move).

Admit it that we all feel scared to grow up knowing that nothing would last. We are humans being human with love and attachments fixed in our hearts. To foresee a future of losing something and someone makes us hope to halt a moment of time. It is even scary to enjoy things knowing what can happen next.


A horror.

But, even if we are afraid to grow up, are we not afraid to be stuck?

Stuck in a life without personal development and growth while everyone is evolving to their full potentials?

Stuck in time but nothing would ever change: you would still lose people you love?

Stuck with yourself with a treasured memory only yourself will know?

Everything feels like a blink of an eye. We all can feel it as astrologists said the Earth is rotating faster for a half of century now. We can't keep up with the Earth's axis, nonetheless we run find ways to try to make time with time—

It it is our nature to feel human because we are human after all. We are all afraid of loss more than failures. Yet, all will be dull and boring if we force ourselves to live in an isolation.

What should we do with our daily chances then? Risk it or lose it?

Hi, I am Renésmee Neverfound.

An aspirant writer and artist. To be found is my greatest dream and never be lost. Hi, I am @rene.neverfound, you can call me Rene or Esme if you like. I specialized in prose-poetry and poetry, and now I am trying new things and writing styles. I love learning! I am a 17-year-old girl living life in the Philippines. I am a total bookworm and a grade 11 student with an undying passion for writing and art. Having many dreams is a funny mess because I get confused most of time with regard to what course should I take in college. I want to be an astrologist, a doctor, a journalist, an author, a professional artist, an archaeologist, and many more I forgot to remember while writing this.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate feedbacks as well!

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Written by   18
6 months ago
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