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9 months ago

Since the shift in human lifestyles that have to change from manual or conventional ways of living to the digital age, it has had an effective impact on people's lives in general and the assumption that human life will get better because everything has been made easier when entering the modern or digital era.

This is also what I feel as a media user who always expresses everything by establishing a relationship or going out with the media context.

But the superpower of the digital age has also absorbed the human brain, mind and habits to always be involved in it and almost every second, minute and hour all humans in this world are in the same network and server.

Are we currently in a digital addiction?

The notion about humans can not live without the internet network has become something that can no longer be covered.

Try to imagine if your cell phone which is always in your hand disappears from your grip then you will become stressed and difficult to adapt because of the lost habits.

Likewise, when the phone has no power or internet network, the feeling will be even more difficult.

From adults to children who have enjoyed the pleasures of the virtual world as if they have been addicted to it if they don't see a digital screen for a day or an hour with internet network connectivity.

It was really shocking when a few days ago I saw a child crying so loudly to his parents because the cellphone has no power or internet network, meaning that the cellphone number or provider does not have an internet data quota. Children who cry as if they can no longer stop if there is no internet data on their cellphones, while their parents have become confused because they have run out of money to buy internet data.

Try to think about this incident, things like this are examples that we may encounter a lot in today's life and the effects that will be caused will have a negative impact.

Theft and robbery may occur because of a strong urge to fulfill a desire or because they want to relieve problems such as the above incident because of financial resources that do not exist while the demand or desire is rampant and must be fulfilled.

Age has changed people so that they become addicted to both positive and negative effects.

It is not easy to avoid or eliminate but must be faced with all the power and effort that we have.

Maybe what we have to prepare is financial ammunition or a source of income that we must have. Work can affect everything so having a job is the cure.

Even the expensive things that we have if we don't have a strong power will make life more difficult.


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9 months ago


Yes the power of technology is installed in almost all of us these days. I will see homeless people sitting outside close to businesses that offer free WiFi. A person can lose a lot from financial burdons but there phone is something they keep.

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9 months ago

true, that's also what happened in the area I live in, many people don't know their money is being forced to run out because of the burden of cellphones that are always filled. thank you friend have a nice day.

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9 months ago