A Tissue Influences the World

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In everyday life, human activities on this earth will never stop using chemicals or non-chemicals. Some sources of raw materials come from nature and then processed using tools or machines made by the human brain so that complementary materials are created for the needs of human life itself. The sustainability of this method has been carried out continuously without realizing that the exploitation of the absorption of raw materials from nature has affected the lives of human communities, meaning that the shortage of natural raw materials can slowly harm human life.

One of the materials often used in everyday life is tissue.


Tissue is the most widely used material of various types, from children to adults. Tissue has become an innate companion when doing tasks and working in the office, in public places, in the house, toilets, cars, bags and in pants pockets. This material is for use when doing activities.

The use of tissue is unlimited so it poses a huge threat to human life, do you know what I mean?

Some time ago I watched a program on television showing the manufacturing process to producing tissue from a well-known company. Do you know where it comes from? or basic ingredients. Like a piece of paper, tissue is formed from the same basic material as paper, it turns out that the source comes from wood.


The manufacture of tissue has absorbed raw materials from nature, especially wood. Trees are cut down to meet human needs in this world, how many people are there in this world? try to imagine with the use of tissue.

When some people in this world campaign to protect the earth from damage, including by re-greening the earth, it is because the effects of global warming continue to increase and endanger human life on this earth.

I am someone who is not good at counting but I can estimate that 1 wood tree takes decades to grow and becomes a big tree but only takes 1 minute to be uprooted. Just imagine that we have to take several years to restore a wood tree when we have to plant return.

I am also a person who often uses tissue in all activities but I have realized how to use it wisely when my brain analyzes the dangers of the world when my eyes look at the lungs of the earth starting to disappear due to meeting human needs for a moment.

Living now with one right action will change the fate of life on earth in the future.

Wisely use all raw materials from nature because long time will not hold the earth from accidents, use mindset and intelligence for a better life because one careless act will make stress thinking about the child in the stomach.


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Topics: Tissue, Wood, Nature, Earth, Life