Ukraine, Gold, the Ruble and Bitcoin

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Sifting for truth

Many of the pictures and videos that were spread around on day one of the "invasion" of Ukraine have now been factually proven to be made up. By "made up", I mean that the lazy corporate media, in an attempt to be the first to sensationalize things, just took old photos or videos and stated that they were happening on the ground in Kiev and surrounding areas. One of them was tear jerker showing a still from a movie from years ago and stating that it was a Ukrainian soldier saying goodbye to his girl.

On the other hand, there are two very convincing videos of people walking around in Ukraine saying that there is electricity, internet, cell service, water and all other services that had been up and running two weeks ago. No smoke or destruction of civilian life. No inconvenience of any kind there.

Since we are not there, we cannot judge the situation. But I propose that it would be impossible to walk the streets and film a lack of destruction mere days after the destruction took place.

Struggling economy in Russia

The ruble might be losing value and commerce might be stopped for now. But what is so new about that? The world has been blocked from buying and selling to a greater or lesser degree due to the covid lie for more than two years. Russia is not poor like The United States. They do not have a thirty trillion dollar debt racked up.

Russia is, in fact, sitting on over two hundred billion dollars worth of gold and so is China. I have been watching both of those countries and what they have, what they report, and what they do not report for many years.

Many are talking about Russia transacting in bitcoins. As recent as mid-February, Russia had banned mining, transacting and transferring bitcoin within their borders.

It sounds like they have little or no handle on what bitcoin is or is not. For that reason, it would follow that they have not done the the necessary due diligence to transact using bitcoin. It would work, but only if they could control their keys and their systems in such a way that someone does not come in (the back door) and take their coins.

They could, however, mint gold currency and transact perfectly with real money. After all, it is much easier to carry gold around today than it is to carry the equivalent in paper money. I know that because I hold most of my money in gold and regularly carry it to the dealer and get cash. I never have to bring a briefcase for the gold but I always need something more than just my pockets to carry the bulk of paper on my return trip.

If any country tries to go full on gold though, they could face what Sadman went through - see below. Still, they do have a parallel system that they built during Obama's administration. Kick the dust off of it and they are good to go.

Russia is not without options by any means. I would like to see them use a form of crypto currency, but they would need to know what they are doing before trying it. Since they thought they could ban it, it is likely that they do not know what they are doing, or what they are able to do, or not able to do with crypto.

Bitcoin would be last on my list for a nation, but people like it because of 1.00000000 bing 43,000 in a soon to be extinct paper relic. In reality, it matters not where the decimal point is when it comes to cryptos. What matters is that it is fast, reliable, and has a long track record without being hacked.

Crimes against humanity

The ones who are screaming, "crimes against humanity" and pointing at Putin are the same ones who yelled "Russian collusion!" five years ago. Hind sight is twenty-twenty though and as it turns out, the spokeswoman for that narrative had actually colluded with Russia and paid people in Russia to make up the pee-story against Trump. Why is she still walking around free?

The same ones that use a story about chemical weapons to destroy Sadman Husein's country, hunted him down and killed him. Then those same people and later joked about the fact that there were not chemical weapons found. See George H. W. Bush speaking at a black tie event with all of the press present. Some national press core dinner or something. Note: they are not the press anymore.

Most importantly, these are the same people who have their grown children working for oil companies and laundering money in Ukraine. They are the same ones who used Neo-Nazi ground forces to oust a sitting president there, and the same people who were funding and operating more than a dozen labs like the one that Fauci funded in Wuhan. Ding ding - there is the rub.

Has it ever occurred to anyone how Fauci was able to predict that Trump would face a pandemic while in office? The we have Bill Gates stating that "The next pandemic will get their attention..." with a smirk.

Unfortunately, they are the same people, specifically Biden, who ordered the offensive against Russian speaking civilians in eastern Ukraine that has not stopped for eight years. They care nothing for the Ukrainian people. Putin has fought for the people of the Donbass regions over the last eight years, one of those times Putin pushed Ukrainian forces back toward Kiev in order to stop the bloodshed there.

Russia is neither desperate, nor is their leader unhinged. Someday we will all learn that he only did the world a favor while many other countries accused him of every sort of atrocity.

Facts and logic

Once a people decide to close their eyes to logical thought processes, there is no proof or argument that will win them over except injury, starvation, or death. I could spend hours pasting and sourcing the proofs I am talking about, but my readers have already flushed those things out for themselves.

Why would the media make things up? You tell me. The fact is that the do, and they do it constantly.

So if there were no WMDs in Iraq, why did the war occur? Weeks before the first bomb was dropped, Sadman had decided to mint gold currency and stop using the dollar. Then a little tube of powder magically appeared (as a prop) in the right hand of Colon Powell.

What about 9-11 then? That was the same people trying to cover up the $2.3 trillion dollars that were missing. The records that would have proved where the money went were housed in the only building that fell without a plane hitting it.

The dollar has been on life support for some time. The pandemic just happened to step in and stop the two billion dollars that were falling into the Deutsche Bank black hole daily. They needed time to plan and mint a new currency that would take away the people's ability to hold and transact with bitcoin and other cryptos. Enter Vax-coin...

That is for next time.

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Very well said it is self explanatory how media change the real truth what is happening now.

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