The old Russia at the border trick. That's the second this decade...

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1 year ago

I was born at night, but not last night. If I had been, I would not know how to type.

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I was watching the entire saga last time Obama was in office and there were videos published, but never covered by the media, showing Ukrainian and Russian officials in an airplane flying the length of the border at low altitude.

These flights are a normal thing over there as part of the Open Skies Treaty between the two countries. You could watch and see that nothing was near the border and fighting was not happening the whole time.

When you have journalists so addicted to the rush of publishing sensational news, they will do so even when there is official information at arms reach that could corroborate or debunk what they are about to say. Will they take a moment to look? The addiction is too strong and they fail to double check their story.

Here's Kamala

(who has never said anything to tarnish her own credibility)

from Kamala's lying eyes video
Video of Kamala "Believe me Please! There is a wolf!"

As a rebuttal to her, The President of Ukraine has been responding to Joe as he talked about the threat of war. "I am here, I am the President, and I know. There is nothing happening in or near our country!", he said over and over in the last few weeks.

Desperation has taken over and the stories are getting more and more unbelievable as time goes on.

My post is not very deep but I love the DeepDives community along with the #informationwar tag.

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1 year ago


The old airplane in the hay stack trick! They are all good.

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1 year ago

I love how Putin responded to the made up "facts" that the Resident and Vice Resident are ginning up about war. Putin made a peace treaty with both contested areas.
I hate to quote any 8-track media outlets, but here...

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1 year ago