Death of the "Climate" Narrative Thanks to Nancy

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Climate Change 'buy-in'

Even though none of the science experts were correct in any of their predictions as of yet, the entire world has bought into the claim that shorelines will change due to cataclysmic cosmic problems with the sun or stars. If you need more information on this topic, just look for the homes of Pelosi, Obama, Gates and others whose properties are at sea level in places like The Hamptons (Obama) or the Florida coastline (Nancy).

source as Nancy realizes she can't fight wrinkles.

When I heard the threat from China saying they would shoot down Nancy's plane if she tried to land in Taiwan to start another money-laundering hub there, I was so excited to think that we might soon be rid of her. Hub or not, it would be nice if a few bills could be voted on and if we could hear from maybe even a couple of relevant witnesses related to the J-6 event.

Bad News

Nancy's plane was not shot down

Good News

China - the biggest polluter (save India) - will not be participating in talks about sun and cloud stuff...

It's here somewhere...

  • Cancelling China-US Theater Commanders Talk.

  • Cancelling China-US Defense Policy Coordination Talks (DPCT).

  • Cancelling China-US Military Maritime Consultative Agreement (MMCA) meetings.

  • Suspending China-US cooperation on the repatriation of illegal immigrants.

  • Suspending China-US cooperation on legal assistance in criminal matters.

  • Suspending China-US cooperation against transnational crimes.

  • Suspending China-US counternarcotics cooperation.

  • Suspending China-US talks on climate change.
    from non-mainstream news article

Oh yeah. There it is.

That last one is what prompted this post. As with face masks, I was worried that nobody would come to the logical side of the climate issue. Then along came Nancy! Three cheers for Nancy! She did it!

If you think about this using that thing in the center of your skull, the world is already sustainable. The proof is in the fact that it is still here and population has grown to half a dozen billion people. It dropping drastically, but not fast enough for some but even so, you can still drive for hundreds of miles and never see any person shoulder to shoulder with another person. You may even go an hour without seeing a single person out your window who is not also driving past all the uninhabited land out the window! (think Nebraska)

These people I speak of are carbon based life forms and they are few and far between. They eat plants which need carbon to live. Specifically, the stuff you breath out. Nothing else will do.

  • Carbon Zero = Plant life zero

Again. I repeat. None of the scary predictions made by these fools have every come true. None of the models that predicted 2.1 million deaths... Covid-19... blah-blah-blah came true. You have been suckered into believing unreliable people.

Another example of evidence in plain sight is that there are no water shortages. There is more water on earth than there is earth on earth. God also created a really neat way of making it drinkable. He distills it for us and has been doing that since the beginning of time. Do you want proof? You are reading this. If he stopped doing that worldwide for only a couple of months, we would all have that population reduction that is standing in the little town in Georgia... Wait. Strike that last part. It was there but maybe God did something about that too.

There is a trick to this thing. Let me share it with you. If a boy cries "Wolf!" and you run up the hill to help that little guy but find no wolf there, start a list of unreliable kids and put that little motherfucker on it. Maintain the list as you track proclamations and predictions that end up true and those that end up false and you will soon see the world in light of something called ...


You have now stopped listening to liars and idiots.

It is as simple as knowing who is reliable and who is not. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt the first time. Then start making decisions based on information from people that make sense.

I have a feeling Nancy expected something else to happen when she ignored China's threat. But her kind are not smart enough to predict that things could backfire, or even what might possibly cause a backfire. They experience one backfire after another because they have not added themselves to that list of unreliable people. In other words, they believe their own bullshit.

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