Superheroes in our midst.

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3 years ago
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If you have a superpower, what would that be?

That's what the fantasy world is trying to create in our minds, the ability to imagine the impossible - superhuman powers like super strength, flying, telekinesis, invisibility, flexibility, super-fast movement, x-ray vision, and so on.

But in the natural world, what does it really take to be a superhero? Or is there such a thing?

A superhero is defined as any fictional character that has superhuman powers such as the ones listed above. You might think of the DC Comics and Marvel Universe franchises which include Superman, Wonderwoman, Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America, X-Men, they are way too many to mention. Whichever "-verse" you're invested in, I know that you understand how these types of superhuman powers are too impossible to reach, well, at least for now.

But you know what, I think, everyone has the chance to become a superhero.


No, not with the superhuman abilities mentioned above, but with human abilities that create superhuman impact. Actually, you might be able to see or know some superheroes who don't literally wear capes. We can start with our families.

  1. Dad.

    • Why is dad considered to be a superhero? Well, for one, he takes responsibility for the household. Okay, I am not being patriarchal here, but in a society where the smallest unit is a family, it is "acceptable" that the father should head the household - heading the household doesn't necessarily mean dictating what should be done, what it means is to be able to provide for his family's needs and work together with everyone. A superhero father is someone who the family can lean on especially during times when things get rough, a superhero father is someone you can play along with, have jokes with, converse with. A superhero father does everything for his family, no matter what. Have you thanked your superhero dad yet? This Sunday is Father's Day, so, you should try to. :)

  1. Mom.

    • Stereotypically, mothers are considered to be homemakers. Well, that's true. If your mother is a working mom alongside your dad, well, that's a plus point of being a true blue superhero mommy. Moms at home do everything for their families - cooking, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, budgeting, and many others. A mom doesn't stop being a mom after her children are already independent and on their own, she will always remain to be someone who could give unconditional love. Working moms are superhero moms, too - juggling work and family responsibilities seems so impossible to do, but not with a Mom, I bet you. Have you done something to show how grateful you are to your Mom yet? A simple gesture can mean the world to them.

  1. Your kasambahay.

    • In the Philippines, most middle to upper-class households has their own kasambahays, those who tend the children and the home when Mom and Dad are working. They are the ones who look over the children, feed them, take care of them, and do the household cleaning, etc. Most of the time, these kasambahays also have their own families, but they reside with other families because they need a job that would help with their own families' needs. They are sometimes neglected, and always seen on the sidelines, but kasambahays are essential in a household. It becomes better when they get to build a relationship with the family members. Without them, the house may not be tended and well-taken care of with the absence of the household leaders. Thank them, if you have them.

They are just some of the superheroes that we encounter in our house every day. It's true that they don't have the superhuman power or abilities like Superman, Wonderwoman, Ironman, and Captain Marvel... but they are heroes in their own ways.

Thank you superhero today!

Thanks for reading!

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3 years ago
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Indeed true sis. They're our number one superheroes in life. Without them, we don't know what and how beautiful is the world and during trials, we don't have anyone to lean on but them. ☺️

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3 years ago