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2 years ago
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It's been months since my last article.

I became so busy with work that I was not able to make a life update. Well, if you're following me, you might know that I have applied for a scholarship in Japan, and it was a dreadful waiting time since July... Since I applied for the scholarship, I had to file for a leave of absence from my full-time job beginning July 1.

For the whole month of July, I was teaching in my part-time job as an online English tutor, but come last week of July, our Principal called me to teach a subject as a substitute as the teacher is on emergency medical leave. So, I grabbed the opportunity and taught the kids beginning August 9 until September 15, while I was having my online tutorials.

I became tired.

I lacked the inspiration to write anything.

So, aside from that life update, I received the good news that my scholarship is already final, but the date of departure is not yet in sight. So, I asked my Mom to fetch me to be able to come home and at least spend time with my family, before my departure.

I went home to the province last September 10, and I stayed in my Mom's house until October 23. That's the first time that I was able to spend a long time time with my mom and my siblings from my mom. I became close to my two sisters there, especially the youngest one. I watched some shows in Netflix with them like Money Heist (rewatched. lol), Squid Game, Hometown Chachacha, and many more. I also helped them learn their modules. It was all good.

My expected date of departure which is on the last week of September did not come to fruition, thus, I started my class in learning the Japanese language online last October 10, technically, it started last October 13 because the first day was orientation, and the next day was an assessment of our level. And as expected, I am at the beginner's level.

But I'm gonna post my updates regarding my Japanese language lesson in a different article. It's too much to absorb.

Anyway, I am still waiting for my departure... and they said that there are about 2500 scholars who will be entering Japan in batches beginning mid-October to December. I am not sure what's my batch, but there's already a go-signal from the embassy that I can already apply for my visa. This is tricky, as I am here in the province and going back to the capital would require me to spend money for fare and also for living there. I am trying to save up money because I will need it when I fly to Japan, but the COVID situation has really made a huge difference.

So, now, I am stuck here, like a helpless child, trying to survive by the day. I hope that I will be able to with the help of my family.

Have a nice day, you guys! I miss writing down my thoughts. :)

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2 years ago
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