I think, therefore, I write.

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3 years ago


When I was in Grade School, my teacher just picked me up from class and let me join a writing contest. I had no idea what this contest was but my teacher instructed me to write a "feature article".

I didn't even know what that is, he coached me and I was able to do it anyway.

The next day, we went to a different school to join the writing contest. It was a press conference in our school division.

After some orientation, then comes the contest proper.

Lo and behold!

I won.

And since that day, I was writing my way until high school. I wanted to become a journalist, but I was not able to pass the cut off for that major in college. Now, here I am trying my luck in writing. Before it was pushing the pen, but now, it's a different coz I write by pressing on the keys.

...and this makes me happy.

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Welcome to read.cash. Nice to have you here I'm looking forward to seeing more of your content.

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Thank you!

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