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3 years ago
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What makes you get up every morning?

If you'd answer the alarm clock, that's not what I'm asking, well, not literally.

I remember a TV commercial from a known brand of coffee asking the viewers the million-dollar question:

"Para kanino ka bumabangon?"

And that's exactly what I've also been meaning to ask. What's the reason behind you waking up and deciding to get up in the morning? There are many possible reasons why.

There are those who don't want to, yet, still decide to do so. There are those who take it slow, spend some more minutes on the bed, and close their eyes, until the next alarm, and the next, and the next, until they convince themselves to get up, get a shower, and proceed to live their day.

One of the reasons why I get up is simply because I'm already an adult, and an adult means I have a ton of responsibilities. Being an adult means getting up to work, for the following reasons:

  • Being an adult means you've got bills to pay.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but hey, you've got bills to pay. I am not living on my own, technically, because I rent an apartment with my sister and some of my friends. This is how I have lived since college. Being away from home means, making your own home, and part of it is to pay the rent, water and electric bills, food and groceries, and other home essentials. I also have personal bills to pay like my postpaid, insurance, etc. So, it's necessary for me to get up to work, and receive a salary. I also find other ways on how to gather more income like just recently, I have my part-time job, and I also write articles here at almost every day.

  • Being an adult means that I have responsibilities.

    • Yes, sure, you might tell me that I should not conform to the standard of what "adulting" means to the world... but, well, the standard of what an adult means to the world is true. Being an adult means having a sense of responsibility in everything that you do. It's unlike when I was still in school where my main responsibility is to study. I work now, so my main responsibility is to work, and be excellent at it. If I don't, then, I'll suffer the consequences. Just like in school, if I don't study hard, then I'd more likely get a failing grade, which would more likely upset my parents and those who help in my schooling. If I don't do my job properly, then I'd more likely lose the job which gives me my monthly income to pay the bills. Lol. Sorry if it goes back to the previous one, because, well, this is the reality.

  • Being an adult means having a sense of fulfillment.

    • To most people, success means having a job that pays more than what you need or having a flourishing business, building your dream house, having an expensive, travelling around the world, spending money in shopping without having to look at the tag price... Haha. For sure, that's how society dictates what success means. So, if you don't have this, does it mean that you're not successful? Yes, it's good to have a job that not only pays for the bills but also lets you enjoy it, but having money should not be the sole definition of success. For me, what success means is having a sense of fulfilment in everything that you do, having a sense of joy when you do your job, when you build a good relationship with people, and when you inspire others to become better, just like how you've been inspired by your role models.

  • Being an adult means finding your purpose.

    • I would like to share with you again a quote from the movie 3 Idiots: "Make your passion your profession." Why is it so hard for many people to get up in the morning and fulfill their responsibilities? The answer to this, I think, is the most people don't know what their purpose is. So, how do you know your purpose? Going back to the quote, you have to know yourself first, what you're good at, and build a career on that. Are you good at math, logic? Then, find a career path that would pay you for doing what you're good at. Are you creative, good in arts? Then, find a career path that would pay you for being one. I know it's not that simple, but trust me, it will be worth it. Aside from you getting paid for disciplines that you're good at, you'd also treat each workday as a play day, because you will get to enjoy what you're doing. Find your core, invest in it, and you will discover what you're capable of doing - and through this, you might just be doing your purpose.

So what's my point?

For you to become a happy adult, you have to know that whatever you're doing should have the following:

  1. Meaning. Doing what you want to do, doing what you're good at.

  2. Purpose. Doing it because you want to improve yourself, and okay, bills to pay.

  3. Impact. Doing it because it doesn't only improve yourself, but also inspire and impact others.

Adulting is not just like a walk in the park... well, maybe, it is... but that park is Jurassic Park. It will be difficult to navigate, there's no formula to ace it, but take it one step at a time. Being mindful that it's more than what society tells you to do and to be, it should be what you know you can do, and how you do it excellently.

Thanks for reading, dear adult. Remember, we're in this together. :)

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