Job Satisfaction, Factors leading mental satisfaction

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February 5, 2022


I'm here again with

Article #8

Sitting in a place outside of my house, very sunny day. Cold wind is blowing. But i am sitting beside a wall to protect myself from cold air.

We have here a saying that "When youare with empty stomach, thoughts ca. me into mind are wise and random, ".

Same thing is happening now with me but it has half impact in quantity, because I'm empty pocket only, not an empty stomach. The topic i am gonna discuss today is important as well as interesting.

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So let's start our today topic. After reading the title you may get the idea that the topic is about satisfaction in job. But i will call it not a job Satisfaction but mental satisfaction.

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Job Satisfaction.

Job? What is a job?.

Many of you, i think almost all of you is familiar with the word job but everyone has different meaning of job in their mind. Job is when you are an employee under your employer. You you are the obeying peraon to your boss. Does this sounds good to be a slave? Off course not. Being a subordinate does not make our self respect satisfying.

What mostly people prefer? JOB OR BUSINESS?

Before reading my research abut what people want to do. A job or a business. Try to answer the question in comments section.

And my research says, mostly people prefer business over job. Why? Because human is borne free with wisdom. He was not a slave when he came to this world. It is in nature of a human that he loves freedom. He don't want to work under someone(human) else.

Not everyone can afford a business, it needs huge money to start . That is the reason people are compulsorily doing jobs.

Now the main point of this article which is mentioned is in the title is. Job Satisfaction.

As i already mentioned not everyone can afford business, people have to do jobs for their living. Next thing is it's ok if you are doing a job. But it is necessary to know that either you are satisfied in this job or not? Keep in mind that job Satisfaction is directly related to mental Satisfaction. We can say that.

Job Satisfaction = mental satisfaction

Job Satisfaction has different aspects in which the employee feel comfortable. We will discuss them one by one.

1) Job, according to your interest.

The first point that is more important near me is, does the job is according to your previous studies? I have seen many people who says that. They have degree in physics but they are doing a job of salesman, the degree is in information technology the person is working in a bank. Well the physics person should be in mechanics, science jobs where he will be satisfied in his job and he is working as q sales man, it's not suitable to his interest. And the IT person should be in a software development company he should be in a networking company, he is working in a bank where a business student or commerce student should be.

Welfare facilities

a)water availability.

Drinkable Water should be available to every employee , their should be no compromise on providing this facility. It is essential necessity.

b) Right number of toilets 🚻 and washbasins.

Right number of toilets and washbasins is must. Lack of this facility is a kind of disgusting thing.

c) A Clean Workplace

A clean work place is mandatory for a health work environment. A person can't do anything good if he is feeling comfortable. Cleanliness matters a lot.

d) A good ventilation

Most of the organization have used their mind while building a their workplace that the building should have a best ventilation system to keep the air running and to keep environment fresh.

e) suitable temperature

A person can't do work properly if the environment in which he is sitting is nit appropriate to work. If it's too hot the working environment is not suitable and if it's too cold the environment is not good. So normal temperatures is also mandatory.

2) HR Facilities

Human resource facilities are backbone of a working organization. Human resources are most important asset in an organization. Managing these resources and taking care of their basic needs and facilitating them with necessary rights is must. If not the organization will be destroyed as well. Some of the basic facilities to satisfy an employe are.

  • Salary in time(great impact on working of an employee)

  • Health insurance(social security of employees)

  • Providing Respectful working (environment where everyone feel safe his self respect.)

  • A satisfying payment according to work.(wages should be appropriate or more than the working)

These were some basic points, there are much more which i will not mention here. Which are necessary to provide satisfaction.

And now i will mention a short story about job Satisfaction.

I have a friend he was working as a school teacher in an educational institution. He was teaching there from 5 months. He got not a single salary in time and a few days ago he got an online job in an American company and today i was talking to him on a phone call. He told me he is very much satisfied with new job.

  • Their facilities,

  • Working hours

  • Duty timing

  • Salary package.

  • Environment

Everything is best. I can hear his happy feelings. This is how job Satisfaction works...

This was an article based on my random thoughts. Please ignore my grammar mistakes because i am not much good in English grammar but i tried my best to express my feelings And my thoughts to you. Thank you for reading till the end.

This is my original Article.

My personal thoughts, free of copyright.

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Yeah, UNDER normal circumstances, we all love to go into business than being employed. Apart from enjoying freedom, it Also gives gives a suitable good earning when the business is big

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💯 Agree with you friend..

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2 years ago

You take your time to pick out the point... keep it up my dear friend.... hard work really pay

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2 years ago

Thank you so much for appreciating me dude.. You appreciation is an inspiration for newbie

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2 years ago

If its a 100% your own written blog then I must appreciate your writing skill or blogging sense. Keep it up.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much, your appreciation is very mean to me. Yes it is my original work. 100% my personal experience.

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2 years ago

Ok that's great. Wish you more good luck in your blogging career.

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Please for me... آمین

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