It's Fun to be a Teacher

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October 1, 2022

Hello, afternoon peeps, how was the day, hope it will was on the line of your plans. I am your buddy, online here after a very long period of time, Almost after four months. Its 1st of October, a new month with new day and new hopes with new plans, i a here present again.

The reason behind my absence is I was much busy first in my exams then in my marriage. You all aware of the feelings during exams. This wasn't only the feeling of exam but of final year project (thesis), which suck my blood everyday. All of my days and nights were be in worried condition. I felt sorry to my mind and I saw my mind was staring at me with wrath like it is saying that " What the hell is this life you are living".

My days and nights all were in a busy routine. Now, thanks to Allah that hard time is no more. But this is our life, full of hurdles and hard time, if a moment is of happiness the other moment could be worrying, stress and pressure. Time doesn't remain always good and it also doesn't remains bad all of your life. Life is a combination of ups and downs in your life. The one who is prepared for all of the hard work and all the hurdles in life, would be successful in life.

This is exactly what is happening to me these days. If stress of studies is over now, the stress of practical life, earning a livelihood and other worries is over taking the stress of studies. And we all now that to some extent, student life is wonderful if we compare it to our practical life.

It's Fun To Be A School Teacher

Actually I'm working as a school teacher these days. Before getting into this job i thought that it is a difficult job, and was trying to escape from this profession in my whole life. As i joined this school as a teacher, i am enjoying my profession. Interactions with children is awesome. It is an outstanding fun to teach the little kids. They are cute, their talking, their cases, their big bags, and high pitch little loud laughters are love.

What I observed as a teacher?

A profession is a thing that teaches you a lot, you observe things. You learn from your seniors, your subordinates and from your colleagues. Professions are different in nature, although they have some overlapping characteristics, but they also have differences in many aspects.

As for the profession 'Teaching', i don't think so that not only my students are learning from me, but i am also learning things from them. They are working indirectly as my teachers. (The one who teaches you something in anyway, by willingly or unwillingly is your teacher, time is also a teacher of you, society is our teacher, and all other things, we learn something new and positive is our teacher). So in this way my students are my teachers to.

The points i observed in my students are as under.

  • They love to be tough with kindness.

  • They like to learn things in activity method.

  • They like to do things quickly (because they want to play games after finishing their work).

  • Ufff their issues and cases.

Now I would like to discuss each observation separately. If you allow guys, yeah ok thanks for letting me to explain this.

They like kindness.

Its in human nature that he likes kindness over cruelty. Not only in humans but animals also like the language of love. I personally experienced that kids love the teacher who remains kind to them and thet get fearful of the one who beats them and threatens them. And the education which is imparted with love is more firm than the education which is imparted with threat and cruelty. Moreover cruelty of teachers degrades children and fades up their confidence level. Create interest of students in education through love and kindness.

They like activity method of teaching and learning.

There are more than 18 methods of teaching the children and elders. We've been taught with an old and less interesting method of named as 'lecture method'. Which is a kind of passive method of teaching, a teacher speaks in whole of his lecture and students only listen to him.

In my eyes, i found this method worthless especially in nursery prep and reception class. It could be applied in upper classes when students are adult and ready to accept the concepts a teacher wants to deliver to his students.

What I observed here is, my students likes activity method to learn things. A teacher must be expert in winning students interest and I am proud of myself that I possess this quality and this experience of catching interaction of my students. We perform various activities everyday to understand a study concept. And this method is kind of love to children.

They like speed in everything

When we were kids we wanted everything to be done very fast. They want to do things quickly. Whenever i wanted to delay the work they urged me to finish it quickly, either its class test, class work or homework. (all the students want speed in everything except the few slow learners). After that they want to play games by themselves or with other students. They like drawings, playing with sitting chairs and outdoor activities too. (Some of the students, come to school just to play games).

Their issues and cases.

This is actually most likely issue almost in every school.

Children comes with issues whole of the day. They point out a specific student or their class fellow and tell that, sir! He/she is beating me, he/she slapped me. He threw ink on me. He is not giving my pencil, he broke my pen, he is not giving me my notebook.

Listening their issues for whole day, and solving them is a big task, being honest and identifying the true situation is difficult actually. Whenever you didn't solved the situation or solved it without being honest, you may have a guilt for whole day.

Closing Lines

When I was a student myself. I thought teaching is a profession, full of boredom. A teacher has no life, he gets too much tired by handling the students all day. Every profession before joining looks like a mountain of hurdles. But as you put yourself in, you come to know that, the difficulties you were feeling by being far away from the real mountain are not as much hard as they were looking. Teaching is a profession which is adopted by or prophets PBUH. Now, i am enjoying my profession, and every day is a great day with cute children.


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So you are a teache, the most selfless profession!

anyway welcome back here :)

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Ya i am a teacher now,,,

thank you so much for turning 49 into 50..BTW what's the meaning of Eybyoung?

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That's great!

If you want to know what is Eybyoung just read the link below;

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