Why does my mobile phone get too hot?

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Mobile phones are part of our daily lives, and when they break down, many of the things we do with most everyday lives may seem more complicated than we ever thought. One of the most common problems that mobile phones tend to have are those related to temperature. More and more phones are overheating and stop working when they are not an even bigger problem.

In this sense, we must bear in mind that a mobile phone can overheat for various reasons and, if we do not find the right one, we may not be able to solve the problem either.

Where does the heat of the phone come from?

First of all, you must detect the heat source of the phone.

Why the mobile heats up: external source

The first thing you have to take into account if your mobile gets very hot is where you put the phone. One of the enemies of any electronic equipment can be something as simple as sunlight. If the sunlight is directly hitting an electronic device, it is most likely that it overheats and may cause malfunctions, malfunctions that normally begin to show up as errors on the screen.

In these cases, the first thing you have to take into account is that you must remove the mobile phone from the heat source, whether it be sunlight or any other, such as heating or lamp light.

Why my phone gets very hot: internal source

If in spite of this you notice that your mobile phone continues to overheat excessively, then, most likely, the source of the heat is not external, but internal. In these cases, what is happening is that the phone cannot regulate the temperature that it generates naturally with its operation well and, consequently, the device begins to increase the temperature without being able to control it. If the temperature reaches too high a level, it will be when the phone starts to malfunction, as well as being able to reach extreme cases in which the battery explodes.

When this happens, the first thing we should do is try to lower the temperature quickly. However, it is important that we find the cause of the temperature rise, as it will be the only way to prevent it from happening again.

My mobile phone gets hot and runs out: apps and games

One of the most common causes that explain why my cell phone gets very hot is the excessive use of its activity. When a mobile phone works, like any other electronic tool or device, it generates heat. The greater the activity carried out by the device, the greater the heat it generates, since, internally, it will be working more, although the user does not realize it.

In these cases, the most important thing to do is to reduce the workload of the phone, that is:

  • Close apps that are running in the background.

  • Uninstall the ones that need the most capacity from the phone and / or that we do not use.

However, in general, mobile games are a good example of the applications that require more memory and phone capacity, which means that, after using them for a while, it is normal for the temperature of the mobile to begin to rise.

When this happens, the best thing to do is close the game and let the terminal rest for a while. If we check that the temperature has dropped when we use it again, we can be almost sure that this was the cause of the overheating.

Why the phone gets hot when charging

Although many people do not know it, the unofficial accessories of a mobile phone can also be the cause of an overheating in the devices. This is mainly due to the fact that they are supplements that, although they are compatible from a physical perspective, many of them have not passed the corresponding laboratory tests.

A good example is found in unofficial chargers. Although they have the dimensions and the appropriate form to carry out the load, if the composition of their materials is not the necessary and recommended by the manufacturer, it may act as resistance during the load, which will entail, not only a risk from the heat, but could imply that the battery explodes in some cases.

My phone gets very hot and turns off: the unofficial cases

Another example may be unofficial covers. Although not the most common, some covers act as excessively good insulators of temperature. This, which a priori could seem a positive thing, means that the phone cannot expel the excess heat that it produces with its normal operation, which could make even the mobile phone turn off.

The consequence is that, when the heat accumulates, this makes it even more difficult to evacuate the heat, which causes an exponential increase in temperature. If you're not sure why the phone gets so hot, try changing the charger and case for a while. If the problem is solved, you already have the answer to the origin of the problem.

Why my cell phone gets hot - other causes

However, although a mobile phone that gets very hot is usually caused by one of the cases that we mentioned earlier, there are also situations in which the failure is due to the phone itself. If after testing all of the above, your mobile phone continues to reach excessive and non-normal temperatures, it is recommended that you take it to an official dealer so that they can carry out the corresponding checks.

In many cases, the battery may be in poor condition, or some of the other elements of the device itself may be damaged and, due to this, it may overheat and be dangerous.

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