The Passiflora or Passion Flower

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It is one of the most popular climbing species in decoration. This genus of plants is made up of vines that can reach several meters in height and creeping vegetation.

It is considered a climbing plant because it helps with tendrils to be able to climb. These are born from the leaves and often develop into tangled masses.

The passion flower is fast growing.

Its leaves appear alternately, are persistent, perennial and have a limbus divided into oblong lobes.

But, if there is something striking in the Passion Flower, it is its flowering. Its beautiful flowers begin to appear in summer and remain on the plant until autumn.

Of several different shades.

There are species of light blue and others of a very beautiful purple hue. In addition, they are usually aromatic flowers, so you will not only have a beautiful garden, it will also smell very good.

Its fruits are shaped like an egg, they are oranges and there are varieties of Passiflora that can even be eaten.

Although the Passion Flower has been considered for many years a plant related to eroticism, its name and origin are linked to religion, specifically to the Passion of Christ.

And now you will ask yourself, why the Passion of Christ? And you will find the answer below:

The ten petals that protect the flower represent the ten apostles found in the crucifixion of christ

The filaments available to it represent the crown of thorns that were placed on his head

The five stamens represent the five sores inflicted on him

The three pistils are the keys by which the body was fastened to the cross.

All this was seen by a Jesuit father, Manuel de Villegas, back in 1610. He found a similarity between the parts of the plant and the religious symbols that surround the Passion of Christ.

Passion flower is one of the most beautiful plants to decorate a garden. Its so special appearance will delight any lover of gardening.

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