How to make Italian meringue at home

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  • 240 gr of sugar

  • 4 egg whites

  • 80 ml of water

  • A few teaspoons of lemon juice


you will not fail, I assure you!

  • Put a pot with the sugar and water over medium heat. When it breaks boil begin to beat the whites.

  • Beat the whites together with the lemon drops (this will serve to stabilize the whites and thus do not lower) until they are almost snow.

  • To take into account: it depends on each mixer and the power that each one has. If you do not know how long it takes to reach the snow point, you should start beating the whites before starting to make the syrup and when it reaches the snow point, reserve until you have it.

  • When the syrup reaches 118 °. Check with a thermometer or scoop out a little and, if a ball is formed with the syrup, it is done! Watch your fingers, they won't burn!

  • While the mixer continues to beat, add the syrup very gently, in the form of a thread. The mixer must be at maximum speed.

  • Once all the syrup has been incorporated, continue beating until you get a bright and dense Italian meringue. When the bowl is almost cold it will be there!

  • When spikes are achieved with the meringue and do not fall from the balloon of the whisk ready! It's ready!

Tricks for the perfect Italian meringue recipe:

  • Everything you use to beat the whites has to be very clean (bowl, mixer, spatula ... Whatever is in contact with the whites!). No fat residue, and that includes the yolks. If you have even a little bit of the rest of this the whites are not going to be mounted and nothing makes sense.

  • To make the syrup it is preferable to use a pot or pot that has a wide "mouth" so that the water evaporates better and you get to the point you want!

    When you put the sugar next to the sugar, let it rest for about 5 or 10 minutes. This way it dissolves better. Another thing that will help make the ideal syrup is putting it over medium heat, so it does not reach 118 ° before the sugar dissolves well.

  • The measures for the perfect Italian meringue are: one white and twice its weight in sugar. The whites measure approximately 30 gr, so you have to add 60 of sugar. And as for the water it is simply to cover the sugar. Don't let them get away!

  • Adding a few drops of lemon, glucose or cream of tartar will help the Italian meringue to harden, lose water or be porous.

    If you are going to add the lemon juice, squeeze it separately, before adding it. This way neither pulp nor part of the peel falls.

  • The syrup should not be allowed to cool! As soon as it reaches the point we are looking for it should be added to the whites.

    It is added in the form of a thread so that the whites do not cook, and at high speed so that it begins to cool as we add it.

    If you add it all at once, the smoothie goes down and everything will be chaos and crying and now what do I do with this (pudding, always pudding. Don't even throw it away!)

  • Once you start to beat, do not stop. If you interrupt it, it can also be lowered and you may not be able to trace it.

  • On the end you can add essences or dyes. Take into account the fat: no fat in your meringue!

They should not be oil-based, but become liquid.

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