Homemade Meat Sausage

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This sausage is usually seen on our Sunday grills or on certain occasions as a filling for our arepas, in the same way it is also present in the preparation of our grains giving it a different and improved flavor.


  • 1 kg of coarse ground pork

  • 250 gr of bacon without coarse ground leather

  • Salt, parsley, pepper, cumin, sweet pepper

  • Milk to cook the sausages and water.


Gather all the ingredients, except the milk and the water.

Knead the meat and salt to taste, until everything is mixed, then fill the casings loosely to avoid bursting, once you fill them, tie them together with the size you want the pieces, from the size of a lemon to a little larger, it is your taste.

In a pot place enough water to cook the chorizo ​​string and for this amount of meat I recommend half a liter of milk in the water, milk-water that only covers the string, over medium heat for 30 minutes, then let cool in the liquid and you take out the string, drain it, you can put it to dry in the sun for a while and if you want to smoke you put it near a stove, it is optional.

The gut. You can get it in the market, or slaughterhouses, another option is the synthetic one they sell or the plastic one. Better the animal, (bovine, pig or sheep) if you have the animal, when you buy it, you wash it outside and inside, turn it like a stocking for internal washing, put it to soak in a brine and ready to fill, You cut the spout off a PET bottle to make a small funnel. If you smoke it it can be at room temperature, if not, you keep it in the fridge.

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It's like what we call longganisa here because they're shaped like that

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