English muffins or bread without oven

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The English muffin is a wonder of British food. One of those English breakfast recipes.

English muffins don't really have a muffin at all. They are more like a salty muffin or bread without an oven, which is made in a frying pan and that in addition to being achieved with an easy recipe, they can be filled or spread with whatever you want. You can do it with scrambled egg, or with jam and a little butter, whatever you can think of.

Bread without oven or English muffins


a few come out

  • 250 gr. flour 000

  • 75 ml. of water

  • 75 ml. milk

  • 30 gr. of butter

  • 15 gr. of sugar

  • 5 gr. fresh yeast (or 2g. dry yeast)

  • 1/2 tsp of salt


The first thing we are going to do is mix, in a bowl, the milk, the water (always at room temperature, pulling to warm, never cold or hot) and the yeast. We stir until the yeast melts very well and joins the liquid. We put a reviewer on top and let it rest for about 15 minutes approx.

In another bowl we put the flour, making a hole in the center and on the sides we are going to pour the salt and sugar.

We are going to dump the mixture with the yeast in the hole and we are going to start incorporating all the ingredients. They can use their hand or a spoon or the utensil they want to mix. They should do this until the dough is quite homogeneous. At that time, we remove it from the bowl and begin to knead it on the counter or the flat surface they want.

Once we have kneaded for a while, we are going to add the butter (room temperature) to the kneaded. And then we continue to incorporate it well with the rest of the dough. If it is necessary because they see that the dough is very sticky, they can add flour, but it is important not to overdo it with the flour, the secret is to continue kneading until you get a smooth roll.

We are going to put the bun back in the bowl, we are going to place a flim around it and we are going to let it rest in a place that is rather warm, until it doubles its volume.

Once it is raised, we will knead it again a little, always with great care, to degas it. Just a little.

We are going to roll out the dough with a rolling pin and then, with a round mold, we are going to cut our bread rolls.

We put them in a source with a little flour underneath. We are going to add a little polenta over it, we are going to cover them with a brush and we are going to let them take a second time, until they double their size again.

We are going to put a skillet on the fire with nothing at all and once it is hot, we will gently place our pancitos (the amount that enters) on medium heat. We leave them about 7 - 8 min on each side. Repeat the procedure until they are all done and voila!

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