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Human beings need a quantity of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the body to function properly. Some are very unknown, although they are essential for good health. This is the case of zinc.

Zinc is an essential mineral for our body. It has a specific role in more than 300 enzymes that participate in all the important biochemical reactions of the human body. It has a direct effect on growth, neurological development and on the immune system.

What are the properties of zinc?

In 1963 Dr. Prasad realized that patients with iron deficiency anemia responded well to treatments that included zinc supplements. Most of this micronutrient is absorbed by the small intestine. Then it is transported to the liver and from there it is distributed to the tissues.

Zinc is included in the group of "the 100 most important enzymes" and is related to the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, the synthesis of insulin and the improvement of the immune system.

It also serves to eliminate free radicals from the body and to achieve elasticity in the skin (20% of this mineral is retained in the dermis). 85% of the total is deposited in:

  • Pigmented eye tissues

  • Nails and hair

  • Bones

  • Testicles

  • Muscles

Other important aspects of zinc

Zinc is eliminated through biliary, intestinal and pancreatic secretions and, mainly, in the faeces. And it is necessary to know that the excessive consumption of legumes and refined grains can inhibit the complete absorption of the mineral. In turn, zinc levels can be affected when we suffer from:

  • Anemia

  • Infections

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Kidney disease

Having low zinc levels is related to greater vulnerability to diseases. The recommended daily dose of zinc for women is 8 mg and for men 11 mg.

There are certain groups of people that require a greater amount of this mineral every day:

  • Babies, children and the elderly

  • Malnourished and people with eating disorders

  • Pregnant and lactating women

  • Celiac

  • Alcohol addicts

  • Vegetarians and vegans

  • Recently operated or people with a depressed immune system

  • People with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or intestinal malabsorption.

What are the benefits of zinc?

Bone development

As we have previously specified, this mineral is important for the growth of children, since it develops and strengthens the bones in addition to the reproductive organs. In turn, it is necessary to treat osteoporosis and serves to remove tartar from the teeth.

Strengthens the immune system

Zinc helps us in the defenses of our body, in a way that protects and strengthens our immune system. In this sense, it helps in the wound healing processes and prevents us from diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Provides energy

When we are tired and wanting nothing, it is important to recommend enough zinc (also in the form of supplements) so that we have more energy. That is to say, that a deficit of this mineral makes us, in general, much weaker.

Promotes shiny skin and healthy hair

If you think of a food supplement to help you maintain healthy and shiny skin, Zinc is probably not the first option that comes to your mind.

It is true that half of the Zinc in our body is located in the bones, but the skin also contains a significant amount of Zinc. Zinc is key for our body to produce collagen, one of the proteins responsible for the support structure of the skin. In other words, this trace element will help keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Many cosmetic sunscreen formulas and nourishing skin creams contain Zinc, as it protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet light and other irritations. Even taking Zinc tablets by mouth, we will help to reduce the redness and inflammation caused by acne, improving the health and appearance of our skin.

Zinc also plays a key role in hair health. We know that Zinc deficiency is directly associated with hair loss and loss. Although today there is still no known compound that can prevent male pattern baldness, an adequate supply of Zinc helps prevent hair loss.

Balances hormones in both men and women

Even a small change in hormone levels can cause big changes in the body. Low Zinc levels are a potential factor that can contribute to hormonal imbalances.

Zinc levels are directly associated with various hormones, including testosterone, estrogens, thyroid hormones, and even insulin, the hormone responsible for balancing blood sugar levels.

In addition to promoting a good hormonal balance, Zinc improves muscle recovery and strength in people who do weight training.

Improves sexual health

At certain times in our lives, particularly during stressful periods or significant life changes, sexual desire may decrease. Other times, a hormonal imbalance can affect libido.

Zinc promotes normal levels of sex hormones in the body in both men and women, which improves health and sexual desire. Likewise, it also helps to have normal erectile function.

In addition, the body requires Zinc during sperm production, so obtaining adequate amounts of this mineral promotes fertility.

What are the most important sources of zinc?

Now that you know that zinc is more than vital for our daily lives, you may be wondering where to find it. These foods are rich in this mineral:

  • Fish, oysters and seafood

  • Animal viscera (especially liver)

  • Meat (white and red)

  • Nuts (walnuts, peanuts) and seeds (pumpkin, sesame)

  • Wheat germ and cereals (brown rice, oats, millet, rye)

  • Legumes (chickpeas, lentils)

  • Bee pollen

  • Leafy vegetables (Lettuce, spinach, Brussels sprouts)

  • Cucumber and banana

If you want to take care of your health, zinc is essential. And you see that you can include it in your diet through many foods.

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