Benefits of Eating Sprouts

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Vital and full of valuable nutrients, sprouted seeds are a little treasure for the organism. Including them in the diet is a good way to consume fresh vegetables and reward yourself not only with their delicate flavor but with their antioxidant and revitalizing power.

Sprouted seeds have been part of the ancient culinary cultures around the world, but what happens during germination so that so much energy is concentrated in them?

The seeds, when put to soak, double their volume, the shell softens and opens, and the enzymes are activated by water and oxygen.

Within a few days of keeping them in a humid and warm environment, the shoots are raised towards the light in a process of intense metabolic work that transforms and increases the nutrients that the grains within are stored.

Properties of sprouts

Those nutrients are what the plant needs to grow, but in sprouts they are spectacularly activated, more available and easier to digest.

Carbohydrates are predigested by enzymes, which transform them into simpler, more assimilable sugars. Fats are transformed into fatty acids and proteins are broken down into simpler chains and, therefore, more usable.

Vitamins multiply equally and minerals become easier to assimilate. Furthermore, chlorophyll is activated, with a high antioxidant power.

Health benefits of sprouts

Its health benefits are remarkable. Its regular consumption regenerates the intestinal flora and improves digestion. They are restorative, remineralizing and detoxifying, stimulate metabolism and pancreatic juices, strengthen defenses and provide hardly any calories ...

Their growth energy benefits us, especially in seasonal changes.

They are also purifying the body, enhancing the production of breast milk and regulating the endocrine system. In addition, they increase muscle tone, decrease meteorism ... and have proven rejuvenating effects.


In bottle: put a small amount of seeds in the bottle (a quarter of the bottle) and cover it with 3 times its volume of water. It is stored in the dark at 15-20ÂșC and left to hydrate overnight.

The next day, the water is removed, the bottle is covered with gauze or cloth and kept away from light.

Once a day, drain the water, strain and cover it again and leave it in the dark.

In 4 or 5 days we will have the sprouts. When they are ready, we must put the bottle in a place where sunlight hits it so that the shoots activate its chlorophyll and turn green.

To preserve them, it is best to put them in a tightly closed container in the fridge, with kitchen paper at the base or a thin cotton cloth that absorbs moisture.

In germinator: the seeds are placed in the lower plate of the germinator covered with water.

The next day they are rinsed and placed on the next level, while the lower level is again filled with soaked seeds.

Once the sprouts begin to germinate, they level up until they reach the upper one, which offers the sprouts ready for consumption.

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Your article has dealt with sprout fruit in terms of planting and benefits of eating it. Thanks for the article.

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Eating sprouts can help promote good health. Unfortunately, they can also cause food poisoning when consumed raw or even lightly cooked.Sprouts are super healthy when eaten raw or cooked

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