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1 year ago

It's been a while that I have not used this platform for months now since my last article. I have been busy with my full-time job; however, it was a bumpy ride and they have decided to no longer continue my services.

How did it all happen?

It was just an ordinary day in the office. Usual day routine. Working on the tickets that was assigned to me. Throughout the 1st half of my shift, I was done with half of the cases, until my supervisor asked me for a private matter. I begin to think it was bad news.

As expected, I got removed with the equation. And this was not like the previous one that I was terminated from my last company which I did not include it in my resume since it will be a bad record. The client's reason why I was removed was this.

Redundancy - the state of being not or no longer needed or useful. In business terms, when a company identifies a job that is no longer required in the workplace for any number of reasons.

What was the nature of my work?

With my last company, I was part of an international pharmaceutical company called Astellas. I am part of the Human Resources system where I get to deal with medical professionals, recruitment, directors, executives, all around the organizational chart. And this is where I process new hires, services like applying leaves, loans, reimbursements, organizational changes, including Payroll.

It was a tough job. For 10 months, there were mistakes that I have committed but they have given me the correct procedure, except for the other one who is a hot bed that do not understand the word "perfection".

Going back, so the client (Astellas) has decided to no longer continue my services as an English HR Specialist, so they want focus more on the bilinguals. It is ironic when the moment you finish your work on a weekend, then you receive this bad news from your Team Lead.

From their perspective, they do not understand my value and importance as an English specialist. However, when I am around my colleagues and my supervisor do understand why I was needed the most.


I have no choice, but to sign the agreement given to me. Now, I'm in a floating status unless they have found a suitable program within the company, or if not, then within the month while writing this post they will declare me as involuntarily separated due to Redundancy.

It will be a big loss for them, not for me why they decided to let me go. It was a bumpy ride, through thick and thin for 10 months. The moment I left, things were about to messed up and I can no longer disclose any events that is currently happening there.

It is not the end for me. My life doesn't end here, there will be new opportunities to come, with endless possibilities. If you have reached the very end of this article, I'm open to any invites, offers, and now looking for a new company to serve for.

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1 year ago


Don't feel bad about yourself. There are still opportunities waiting for you 😊.

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1 year ago

I've been on the BPO industry for 6 years. From different companies and programs ranging from eCommerce, Software, Telecommunications, and recently Human Resources. You have no idea of how it feels been taken out of the equation as per decision by the client. I no longer want to seek that promise given on their agreement. If I can get back in the industry, that's good. If not, then so be it. I can find other ways to earn more, and only fate can give me the path to my true calling.

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1 year ago