Voltes V: Legacy Teaser Trailer drops the bomb around social media

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For the previous trailer of Voltes V: Legacy, click/tap here to view more. Here is the new trailer below.

The new teaser trailer uploaded, and released by GMA Network has similar elements from the 1977's first episode were shown from the trailer. From the Boazanian Empire's fleet, including the empire's skull-headed flagship, to the destruction caused by the invasion. A preview of Steve's first few seconds on camera, the launch of the Voltes Vehicles on Camp Big Falcon, the V formation before the transformation, and Voltes' final weapon against every robot bout, the Laser Sword.

Prince Zardoz's flagship, the Skullrook during the invasion of Earth

Voltes V was loved by many Filipino fans, even for me. My parents watched them during the 70s, that was the time of Martial Law in the Philippines. Until the last 4 episodes were banned by Pres. Ferdinand Marcos because of its themes later would show as an influence at that time. After 1986, the series returned to our local networks until 1990.Then the series was returned to GMA in 1999. I was able to watch it every Friday night.

I know the struggle of us 90s kids, and even for you who's reading right now that we'll have to wait for a week for the new episode. The last 4 episodes banned by our former president, GMA compiles it as a full-length feature film titled Voltes V: The Liberation. Years later, in 2006, it was re-aired again at Hero, a cable channel under ABS-CBN Corporation with a new voice cast targeting newer audiences of that generation. In 2016, it is now under a streaming service called iFlix and 3 years ago (2017), in celebration of its 40th anniversary it returned to GMA with a new voice cast under GMA Network's artists. In 2018, for the fourth time, it re-aired again and used the original language (Tagalog) in 1999.

Earth's greatest defender, and its pilots

That was the short story of how Voltes V touched the hearts of every Filipino from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and up to this generation today. It may have a dark history, but it became a popular media icon, and with his influence, it also became part of Filipino Pop-Culture (from Music to TV), which I'll create an article about it very soon including the animation's history. The new trailer video went to 500 thousand views and counting.

Everyone around social media went nuts from its breath-taking graphic images and effects, including me I was blown away with the trailer. As everyone shared the video from their timelines, their news feeds, their inner kid took them back from the past. What I'm hoping for this live-action series, it must stay from its source, and never mix any elements of romance just what they did from our version of the space sheriffs. Hopefully, it will stay to its original content. Another question coming from netizens, who will portray Steve Armstrong? GMA hasn't given any specific date when it will be its pilot episode, but director Mark Reyes only showed the actors without their faces who are taking their measurements for their costumes from his Instagram page.

What are your memorable moments of Voltes V? Post it in the comments down below. Let's volt in!


Lead Image/Screengrab from the teaser trailer



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