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The wait is over! For 3 years, all the people involved in this project dedicated their lives to give something remarkable that will put our Filipino pride into the international scene. As a 90s kid, and a big fan of the most beloved anime series, all the hard work pays off.

I have written previous articles about this, and you can visit them below.

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Here is my no-spoiler review of Voltes V: Legacy - the Cinematic Experience.

As I have mentioned in my previous article. Voltes V was loved from 4 different generations, not until the series was banned in the 80s due to its themes of violence and revolting against the regime. For the new generation that are curious what's the premise of this series? I recommend you can watch them over on YouTube and available in 2 different languages.

The reason why they decided to make it first into the big screen, it was like an ode to the final 4 episodes of the series which was made into a movie. However, this one shows the first 2 episodes. The full duration of the movie was only 1 hour and 45 minutes. I was expecting more from the clips of the mega trailer, and probably this will be shown throughout the course of the series.

Now, talking about the visual effects. I would say it was detailed meticulously. From the Voltes Vehicles, the camp itself and its military vehicles, the whole Boazanian armada, including Skullrook. Even the destructed environments of the rest of the country was perfectly detailed.

Another thing I loved was the transformation sequence, and the robot battles. I tried not to scream when they combine Earth's line of defense against the invading forces of the Boazanian Empire. Talking about the cast, most of them auditioned for the role, most of them were handpicked by the crew. I did not see any ounce of worst acting as all cast members were in their character.

Talking about the costumes, it matches just like the series but with a modern look for its military officers around Camp Big Falcon. Now, the animation scenes have to be rendered on a very long process, and it will take them either for hours, or even days just to get the finished product.

That is why the animation team behind the visual effects coordinated with TOEI Company in every scene for approval. The animation company based in Japan was amazed with the final results, and no wonder that Filipino animators can go on with the flow like other movies released by Hollywood.

Years have passed, the computer-generated images of the previous shows were not so impressive, and this was a jaw drop to other networks including GMA for them to improve on the quality, to the other networks I'd better recommend them taking some notes on this project.

The only downside was we are being left upon with the trend of upcoming movies based in comics that we love. Even the influence of KPop, Rom-coms, Drama are hitting the airwaves before and then. Now, we can show to the world what we can do by bringing world-class talent made by an all-Filipino production.

If you have plans watching the cinematic version of Voltes V, kindly do not record the few scenes of the movie since it will be a serious offence and I stand against piracy. The thrill of watching inside a cinema was breathtaking, and it brings back memories of my favorite anime series.

Another tip, bring tissues since I almost cried into the first part and final scene. No matter what you're going into, this will give you the motivation to move forward and face the adversity in life. And please, stay for the post credits scene which will revolve the future of the series once it is aired on national TV.

Voltes V: Legacy - The Cinematic Experience will be extended until May 2, 2023. On May 8, 2023, Voltes V: Legacy will be aired on GMA after 24 Oras. No matter what generation are you from, scream it with me, together. Let's Volt In!

All Images taken from the ©Voltes: V Legacy Mega Trailer

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It is a good start for Filipinos to enter in live action adoptation. I am looking forward to watch that movie also.

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