United City FC dominates Maharlika Manila FC

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An hour before the night falls at the PFF National Training Center in Carmona, Cavite last Thursday, as Maharlika Manila FC after their 2 - 1 victory against Mendiola FC 1991, squares off with their adversary, the PFL 2020 League Champions, United City FC.

With fresh new signings from the League Champions 2 years ago, and a year later they decided to participate in this year's tournament. Mike Ott stepping his game as he wears the Captain's armband when Stephan Schröck, is no longer extending his contract with the club.

It was a good start on the 1st Half for the Black & Gold. After numerous attempts from on-target shots, corners but on the 23rd Minute, Alan Robertson nails first blood with a header. 3 minutes later, a second goal from Ricardo Sendra when Simen Lyngbø coming from the right flank passes through looking for Sendra with a quality finish.

A free-kick was given to the Manileños on the 28th Minute, a long pass coming to the left as they were about to score, it was a tough challenge then the players exclaimed they should have been given a penalty, but the match official decides to play on.

In the 43rd minute, a through ball coming from Curt Dizon looking for Ivan Ouano then scores for the 3rd goal minutes before the end of the first half. As the Half Time whistle blows, United City FC is on the lead with 3 goals to nil.

As we're underway for the 2nd Half, at the 49th Minute, Maharlika Manila made their 1st change as Mateo Yuhico replaces Jean Clarino. Until a Yellow Card was given to Kim Sung-Min on the 53rd Minute after bumping with Mike Ott on the left flank. Juraboev takes the free-kick looking for someone in the middle of the box but was headed away for a corner kick.

Short corner in the 54th Minute as Mike Ott is looking for an assist inside the penalty box, but the ball went to Sendra and still under their possession, Lyngbø goes for the cross to the right flank, but it was too powerful and a Goal Kick given to Maharlika Manila.

2 minutes later at the 56th Minute, a chance now from the Manileños as Miggy Clarino attempts to score but was cleared out by Matthew Custodio. Multiple substitutions for United City on the 60th Minute, Curt Dizon replaced by Pocholo Bugas, and Ricky Sendra who scored the 2nd Goal of the match is replaced by Andreas Esswein.

Quick Shot from Pocholo Bugas on the 64th Minute, but was quickly saved by Henri Fong. A minute later, a Free Kick was given to Maharlika Manila after a tussle between Simms and Custodio. Simms takes on the free-kick aiming at the middle of the penalty area but the ball was punched away by Pinthus.

4 minutes later, on the 69th Minute as Maharlika Manila goes forward with the attack when OJ Clarino one-on-one with Robertson, but was pushed down by Esswein as the substitute was given a Yellow Card. A free-kick will be given to the Manileños.

At the 73rd Minute, Hikaru Minegishi scores the 4th goal after Dean Ebarle on the left flank goes for the cross looking for Minegishi and uses his weak foot making the ball almost hit the top crossbar. After Minegishi's goal, Ivan Ouano who scored the 3rd goal of this match is now replaced by Paolo Salenga.

The Black & Gold never stops to make another goal when both replacements Salenga coming from the right flank crosses the ball to Bugas a minute later on the 74th Minute but the shot went wide from the left post.

6 minutes before the end of the 2nd Half, Anthony Pinthus was given a Red Card after leaving the penalty box and a tough challenge from the young keeper. Minegishi was replaced by Florencio Badelic as Maharlika Manila was given the free-kick to test out the replaced keeper's instincts.

As the final whistle blows, United City FC dominates Match Day 3 with 4 goals to nil, while Anthony Pinthus will miss one match for next week's doubleheader. An honorable defeat for the Manileños, but United City FC emerges victorious grabbing the 3 points with a 4 goal difference.

Don't miss Match Day 4 and it will be a doubleheader match this March 28. At 4.00 pm it will be the Azkals Development Team against Mendiola FC 1991, then at 7.15 pm the 2021 Copa Paulino Alcántara Champions - Kaya FC Iloilo against United City FC.

Watch it on the PFL's official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. As things are gradually coming back to normal, spectators are also welcome to watch inside the stadium at the PFF National Training Center, but make sure to follow the safety protocols from wearing your mask at all times, and maintain your distance from other people.

Lead Image from the ©Philippines Football League Facebook Page

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