Trece Martires de Bagumbayan

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The title above translates to 13 Martyrs of Bagumbayan.

January 11, 1897 (7 days after the 15 martyrs' execution). Another execution was organized by the Spaniards as they were sentenced to death by musketry for collaborating with the anti-colonialism group Katipunan during the Filipino Revolution against Spain.

The Execution of the 13 Martyrs of Bagumbayan

All of the martyrs executed on that day were Freemasons, most of them are part of the Katipunan, and members of the La Liga Filipina organized by Dr. Jose Rizal. The 13 martyrs were:

  • Numeriano Adriano

  • Domingo Franco

  • Moises Salvador

  • Francisco L. Roxas

  • Jose Dizon

  • Benedicto Nijaga

  • Geronimo Cristobal Medina

  • Antonio Salazar

  • Ramon A. Padilla

  • Faustino Villaruel

  • Braulio Rivera

  • Luis Inciso Villaruel

  • Estacio Manalac

A Historical Marker was placed in the fields within Luneta Park to honor the 13 Martyrs.


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