The True Meaning of Christmas

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3 years ago

Time flies so fast, and here we are celebrating this occasion once a year. With the pandemic still around, mass gatherings are not allowed but we have other ways to get in touch with our loved ones. As for this article, one thing that comes to our mind why do we celebrate this special day? You can post your comments down below why and what Christmas means to you.

When we were kids, we are used to what we'll get from toys, clothes, accessories, or even money given by our godparents (but, remember, they're the 2nd parents in case something would happen with the family). As we grew older, we have new hobbies & interests in life. If we wanted something, then we use our hard-earned cash or our 13th-month pay for Christmas. Or another way around, give back to the people or for your loved ones. It is a special occasion, a gathering of family & friends. Get to socialize with your other relatives, colleagues, get to know them more. And celebrate good times.

But, as I grew older, and have a better understanding of why we celebrate this special day. Think of a birthday celebrant but you don't feel their presence. We celebrate the birth of a child who is destined to save us from our sins. Christmas is a social event, yes. And let us not forget that it is also a spiritual event that the child was born in a manger, founded by 3 kings with the star as their guide and humanity's hope against evil.

The moment I left the company I've working for previously, I surrendered everything to him, and my mission was to show you our current situation around the capital region and eventually in other provinces in the Philippines. Only he will lead me, guide me, fix everything, and have a better relationship with him. Even though I gave up my desk job, my trips for the past 2 days (last Tuesday & Wednesday) and from last month are worth it. Also, I am grateful for everything that I have now, and still alive. This year also gave me the biggest lesson that I will cherish in my entire life, be thankful and appreciate what you have right now.

If you feel stressed, depressed, anxious, worried, broke, or what your current situation is, I want you to pray. Pray, then surrender yourself to him. Pray for others, send your thoughts to them. Once you're able to do that, he'll fix everything for you. As I've mentioned previously, I pray that this new career I've chosen would last for years to come, good health, prosperity, be an inspiration to others, keep an eye on my family and loved ones. Lastly, the pandemic would come to an end so everyone can go back to their normal lives.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! and Happy Holidays!

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