The Spanish Colonization that lasted for 3 Centuries (Part 8)

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This is a continuation from my last part after the events of the Cavite Mutiny of 1872: The powder keg that explodes after the public execution of Gomburza, and my thoughts 500 years later.

Rizal was exiled from his later years at Dapitan before his death, La Liga Filipina (The Filipino League) was separated into two groups: Ang Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (The Supreme and Venerable Association of the Children of the Nation), an anti-Spanish colonialism and secret society turned to an armed movement, formed by Andres Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata, & Ladislao Diwa.

Flag of Ang Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan

The group was founded after Rizal's meeting to organize La Liga Filipina, but was captured on July 7, 1896. Other sources say it was formed early on January 1892. From hiding in the shadows of the colonial government of Spain, until they were discovered after tearing down their cedulas (certificates) during the Cry of Balintawak that sparked the Filipino Revolution of 1896.

The other was the Cuerpo de Compromisarios led by Filipino propagandists in Spain. As the Katipunan clashed with the Civil guards of Spain, from numerous battles to the government's declaration of Martial Law on 8 provinces in Luzon. Followed by an execution organized by the government on September 12, 1896.

It was called the Trece Martires de Cavite (Thirteen Martyrs of Cavite), to spread fear against the rebels. Executed because they collaborate with the group. Rizal met the same fate as all those who were executed in the name of freedom. Rizal was sentenced to death by musketry on December 30, 1896.

After his death, 11 were executed in Bagumbayan while 4 of them died in prison on January 4, 1897. 7 days after, 13 were also executed in Bagumbayan on January 11, 1897, as the people involved in both of these events collaborated with the Katipunan.

As the revolution continues between the Katipunan & the Spaniards, after numerous battles and victories on our side, 124 years ago and on this day, the Tejeros Convention (video below from the movie El Presidente) - a meeting between the Magdiwang (Aguinaldo's group) & Magdalo (Bonifacio's group) factions of the Katipunan held at San Francisco de Malabon (now General Trias), Cavite as they form a revolutionary government.

This was the 1st presidential & vice-presidential elections in Filipino History, and only members of the Katipunan can only vote & participate, not the general public. It was also Emilio Aguinaldo's 28th birthday (today is his 154th birthday and it is called Cavite Day) at that time, but he was not present during the assembly as he and the rest of his forces went to defend the town of Pasong Santol in DasmariƱas, Cavite. Daniel Tirona was sent on his behalf.

Before the start of the elections, he asked everyone that the results shall be respected by everyone. As all men decided that their type of government should be a republic, and all present at the assembly, they nominate their selected leaders, then write the nominee's full names and cast their vote by dropping it into a box.

Emilio Aguinaldo won, in absentia as President, and Bonifacio received the 2nd highest number of votes for president. It was suggested that he should be chosen as Vice President, but no one declared a second motion as the election continues. Mariano Trias won as Vice-President, followed by Captain-General Artemio Ricarte, Director of War Emiliano Riego de Dios, and Andres Bonifacio as the Director of the Interior of the revolutionary government.

He accepted the decision but was insulted by Tirona because of Bonifacio's educational attainment. A certified lawyer should be fit for the position of being the Interior Director. Bonifacio wasn't able to finish his studies so he could help his siblings, then studied on his own by reading books.

Raged by anger, he drew his pistol, then aimed and challenged Tirona to a duel, but was de-escalated with the other officials. As Bonifacio being the head of the assembly, he was disgusted with the results and leaves the convention.

It is said that the election results were rigged. After the events of the assembly, the Katipunan is now separated into 2 groups. Andres and his brother, Procopio Bonifacio were sentenced to be executed by the War Council, but Aguinaldo insists that he needs the Supreme Leader alive. Not until the Bonifacio brothers were executed on May 10, 1897, in the mountains of Maragondon, Cavite.

As the revolutionary government continues to fight against Spain, forged alliances with other Filipino noblemen, and making allies with the Americans, the Spaniards sold the country to the United States following with the Treaty of Paris. Without their knowledge, the Philippines was stonewalled during the treaty, until the Americans claimed their new colony, and the rest was history.

500 years after Spain's control of the country it left a mark on us Filipinos, with a mix of good & the bad. From food to habits, culture & traditions, even in sports. It is up to us if we want to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the Spaniards with the help of a Portuguese explorer. We Filipinos will never forget what they've done to our ancestors.

If we could turn back the hands of time, then they should have moved out for a long time, and the country is free from Spanish imperialism. But what's done is done. The only thing that matters is we learned from it, and we need to eliminate a few of their habits we inherited from the Spanish since cancel culture is popular in this generation.

The Spanish Navy's training ship, Juan Sebastian Elcano - named after one of Magellan's crew during their expedition of 1521.

Also, since the Spanish Navy's ship arrived a week ago (image above), was there a rematch that happened in the island of Cebu? Another thing that we need to eliminate as Filipinos since we hold grudges of the past. What we need to do is to move forward, learn from it and never look back.

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