The new variant of the Coronavirus

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3 years ago

Lockdown has been declared on United Kingdom, and many citizens may not be able to celebrate the holidays because of this new variant. As scientists are working round the clock about this new variant of the coronavirus.

As sources tells us it is natural for a virus to mutate, it can be more transmissible than its original, and it could be prone to children or even young adults. Aside from the United Kingdom, South Africa is also getting the new variant. Now, the whole world is alarmed with this news, and our government made a wise decision because if they don't, we will experience the same things as what happened on the 15th of March this year. They issued a ban to all immigrants on entering the country for the reported cases of the new coronavirus variant, except for our Overseas Filipino Workers who are returning home, but quarantine measures must be followed. Now, this new variant has entered the southern tip of the Philippines, in the Island of Sulu and hopefully this will not reach the capital region.

For us to prevent this, follow the same health protocols. Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, bring your essentials and maintain your distance to other people. I am no health expert, but this is to show everyone that we need to take care each one another.


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