The Misinformation about Covid-19 & the use of Ivermectin to Infected Patients

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3 years ago

I was laughing out loud when someone shared on Facebook that the coronavirus was made out of aerosol, not airborne. How on earth did he get that information? As far as we know, the Coronavirus is cannot be seen in the naked eye. This personality mentioned by my friend here is they might be working for handling the virus, either a health official or from the joint task force.

False Information about Covid-19

Certified scientists and even medical experts gave their collective research about the virus. Providing the needed information on how we can prevent it spreads faster, but some people deny it, from ordinary people who are not working under the medical & research industry.

Worst is, there are also people spreading misinformation who have medical experience and expertise. The example above that I mentioned here is it could lead to misinformation, and one medical doctor has already been on the hot seat for providing false information about the coronavirus.

I know you've known this guy for a few months, now his pages and other accounts have been taken down, also his image was pixelated and featured on the Dept. of Health's page. He was a medical doctor, and his license should be revoked.

How can we stop spreading misinformation about the virus? Work with your local health department. Send them a report or you can click/tap here on this page to view more. Aside from this, there's a medication that cures infected patients and it is mostly used in other countries.

What is Ivermectin?

Ivermectin is a medication used to treat many types of parasite infections. It can only treat in various forms. To us humans, it can treat head lice, scables, river blindness, strongyloidiasis, trichuriasis, ascariasis, and lymphatic filariasis. For our beloved pets, prevention and treatment of heartworm and acariasis.

If this is being used to treat infected patients, it is given when we take our medications it may have side effects: fever, itching, skin rash when consumed using our mouths. Red eyes, dry skin, and burning skin if the patient needs treatment for head lice.

Now, an influential and well-known journalist wants to push for the medication of Ivermectin here in the Philippines. He says no need to take the vaccine, and it can cure or prevent getting infected with the virus. According to, there's no sufficient evidence that Ivermectin can treat Covid-19 patients, but they already conducted initial research.

This type of medication is only used for our pets and other animals from horses to cows.

What's the effective way to prevent Covid-19?

Self-medication is not the answer. Don't use Ivermectin to treat yourself or you'll suffer the consequences. I'm no medical expert but get your sources first from legitimate organizations. For us to prevent the spread of the virus, continue to wear your head protection (mask & shield), wash your hands frequently, avoid large crowds & maintain your distance from other people.

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!

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