Tamblot Revolution

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The year was 1621, after a century when Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the globe but eventually died in battle at Mactan, Cebu. A babaylan (shaman or native priest) named Tamblot opposed Catholicism from the Spaniards.

Tamblot, the native priest who opposed the catholic faith of the Spaniards.

He challenged the Spanish priest as to which is more powerful. The challenge was to produce rice and wine from a bamboo stalk. Tamblot pierces the poles with a small knife, while the Spanish priest prayed in Latin, and then cut the bamboo but no rice and wine came out. Tamblot won the challenge as he earns the trust of the people. The Spanish said it was magic or the work of the demon.

As he quickly gained followers, he performed more miracles than the Spanish priests. Tamblot exhorted the people leading 2,000 people to join the revolution, to return their faith of their ancestors, and fight against the Spaniards through the aid of the diwatas would protect them from the Spanish weapons and vanquish them from the island. His followers would gather food and other resources to set up a stronghold in the foothills expecting any attacks. Other towns remained loyal to the Spanish, as his message was sent around the region, the local priests of Santisimo Nombre de Jesus were alarmed about this uprising. They encourage Juan Alcarazo - Alcalde-Mayor of Cebu to step in against the Boholanos.

Alcarazo assembles his expeditionary force of 50 Spanish and 1,000 native troops and set sail to Bohol. They used 4 karakoa's as they land the shores of Bohol, they started marching on New Year's Day of 1622 scouting for Tamblot's stronghold. January 6, 1622, both forces fought in blinding rain, Tamblot and his followers died in battle. Alcarazo was given a commendation. Part of the war booty he collected was awarded to him by the governor for his swift actions in Bohol.

It became an influence for other leaders who tried to rise against our colonial masters. The Bankaw Revolt in Leyte and also taken down by Alcarazo. If the Dagohoy Revolution sparked the uprising of Francisco's dead brother which was refused by a Jesuit priest because of a prohibited practice. This uprising is a religious conflict.

The provincial flag of Bohol, as the Bolos depicts the revolution of 1621 & 1744.

Tamblot was featured in the provincial flag of Bohol. 2 Bolos (short swords) with handle and hand-guards on top both left and right depicting the revolts of 1621 & 1744. It represents that a true Boholano will stand their ground and fight against tolerance, oppression, and injustices.


Lead Image from https://filipiknow.net/lesser-known-battles-in-philippine-history/



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